Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friendship, Priorities and Thanks!

Last night Allison and I went over my best friend's house so our girls could exchange their Christmas presents and us Moms could have good girlfriend time. Susan's daughter, Stephanie is almost 18, Susan's sister's daughter, Maria, is 8 and of course my Allison is 4. Here they are in front of the Christmas tree.
Every time I look at a picture of the three of them together I feel such pride. They are all beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving and just basically wonderful girls that will definitely make a positive mark in the world. Just thinking of Stephanie about to finish her Senior year of high school and going off to college makes me realize how fast life really goes. I still remember the phone call from Susan to announce her birth like it was just yesterday. I'm going to take this as a lesson to appreciate the time we have with family and friends. Someone once said to me that no one will ever say on their death bed that they could have worked more. It's always that they should have spent more time with family and friends. I guess that would depend on what is important to you as an individual. However, for me it's true. Money seems to be such a driving force in so many lives. Maybe it should be more for me but it isn't. Being the best Mom that I can be, guiding Allison through life, giving her a good solid foundation, supplying her with what she needs but not spoiling her, loving her unconditionally, teaching her independence and self-worth, showing her that you can have a traditional upbringing but still have choices in deciding what you want from life for yourself are my driving forces. I've been fortunate to have experienced and done a lot of things in my life but now God has blessed and trusted me with my most important role yet. Like anything in life, the more time and attention you spend doing something the better you become at it and more successful are the results. So, I sit here typing away while my precious angel sleeps, planning the weekend's activities with her and being thankful for my best gift ever!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


That is how long it's been since I've blogged! I've missed it and beginning with January, I will be blogging frequently! I would like to blog at least a few times a week. But for now, I'll post a few pictures of my holiday decor and my roses that Curtis sent to my work for my birthday. Aren't they beautiful? Yellow roses are my favorite!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Christmas Eve before we opened the presents. I just love her Christmas nightgown.

After Santa stopped by:

One of my favorite parts of Christmas, my Nativity. This was the first year I felt comfortable putting it in Allison's reach. I remember my Mother's Nativity and how I loved looking at it every year.

My newest addition to my holiday decor. Isn't it beautiful? I didn't need it but I had to have it!

This is Allison's Princess tree in her room. I did it all in white and pink lights, pink shiny and matte balls, irredescent beads and I made the Disney Princess ornaments and the crown on the top because I couldn't find what I wanted. She loved it and wanted it on every night. We allowed her to have it on on Christmas Eve and when she woke up in the morning there was one single present from Santa under the tree and she flipped out. She was so excited and couldn't wait to see what was under the big tree downstairs. Christmas was definatley wonderful this year because of her!

Looking forward to blogging soon!

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