Sunday, November 06, 2005

A daughter's perception!

Just popping in with a picture Allison drew of me on her Magna Doodle! It's so funny what their perception is of us! Those things on my feet are the flip flops I have on. She even put the combs that I have in pulling my hair back today! What a nice break from cleaning to have her bring this to me with all smiles. LOL...I'm surprised she didn't put the dish towel that is resting on my left shoulder in the picture!

I'll be back later with another blog entry. I actually did one yesterday and then when I went to post it I got an error message and then it disappeared! UGHHH! I think I'll write it in Microsoft Word next time and then cut and paste! I hate it when you have to learn a lesson the hard way!

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Squeek, squeek, squeek!"

Hi All! Just a couple of pics of my little mouse on Halloween. I ended up taking her trick or treating over by my parents' home since I felt more comfortable there. It was so much fun since most of the houses that we went to were ones that I went to when I was little. We met up with my best friend, Susan, her sister, Marsha and her daughter, Maria. Maria is the cowgirl...doesn't she look awesome! I asked Allison what she wanted to be for Halloween and her answer was "A mouse, but not Minnie. A pink mouse!" So a pink mouse it was!
I made her costume from a sweat suit and it was so easy! It took me less than an hour! I had just under $6.00 in it! Gotta LOVE it when you don't have to spend a ton of cash! I LOVE making her costumes but I am sure that one of these years she is going to ask for a store bought one. But for now, I am going to enjoy every minute of making them myself! If you scroll all the way to the end of the post, I've also included pictures of her costumes from previous years.

Before I go, I wanted to post a question for all of you! It was something that came up at work on Monday when we were talking about trick or treating. The question is: "What was your favorite house to trick or treat at and why?" Mine was Mrs. Betty Smyda's. She lived just a few house up from ours and was the little old lunch lady from my elementary school. She would bring us into her house and let us chose from whatever we wanted on her table. I don't exactly remember all the things she had but I remember it was a lot! She even had nickels and dimes taped onto to a little white cards too! She really made a big deal out of us coming to her house and I will remember that always.

Allison was an Angel for her first Halloween. It just seemed like the perfect costume to make.

Since Curtis loves drag racing, a race car driver was the obvious choice for Allison's second Halloween. I cut apart and reassembled a sweat suit for this costume and used part of another sweatshirt for the blue band around her waist. I downloaded baby product logos from the internet and reversed them onto iron on transfer paper. I ironed them on white fleece material to make patches out of them and then sewed them onto her "fire suit." I wanted them to appear as her sponsors. I also added the NHRA logo and an American flag to complete the patches. I love yellow roses so I put that on the patch with the name of her racing team as a sort of trademark. If Curtis gets his way and she becomes a professional drag racer when she gets older this just may be the prototype for her real life fire suit someday! LOL....but maybe not if Mom gets her way!

It was just around her third Halloween that "sack of potatoes" would come out of her mouth whenever anyone picked her up. So, I couldn't resist and had to make her a sack of potatoes for Halloween. After purchasing some burlap, cotton material to line the burlap with, stencils, paint, etc., I set out to design and make it. You can't see it in the picture but at the bottom of her sack, it was stenciled with "20 lbs." which was her weight at the time. I used an old shirt and tea dyed it so it wasn't so stark white. I sewed the potatoes onto the shirt which were old nylons stuffed with polyester filling and sewn with brown thread. I loved the way it turned out even though it took me longer to make it than what she would wear it!

Last year's witch costume was the easiest yet. I bought the tights, hat, turtleneck and a women's small black sweatshirt. I cut v's around the neck, sleeves and bottom and then once it was on her, I tied a black satin ribbon around her waist and it was done!

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