Friday, March 06, 2009

Poor Rosie!

This is Rosie. She is Allison's favorite sleeping buddy. Allison has had Rosie since she was just a little girl. One day I'll give you the history of her dolls but for now I have to share what happened to Rosie last night.

Unfortunately Rosie got in the line of fire when Miss Allison got sick last night at 11:30. This traumatized more than just Allison. It scared the he - - out of me! You see Rosie isn't what she used to be. She's had a few surgeries and some implants to plump up her shape. She had also gotten a little dirty but I was so afraid to wash her. I was afraid that it would be the end of Rosie.

Last night I had to face my fear. Rosie HAD to get a bath...and a good one!

The only thing that had worked in the past was OxiClean so I knew I had to use that again. I held my breath the whole time! I had to softly rub her fabric with a soft surgical scrub brush they use in the hospitals. They gave me one when Allison was born to brush her hair. I've kept it ever since and use it to clean Rosie. I am embarrassed to say that she was a lot more dirty than I thought! She's a trooper though and made it through the cleaning but took a while to dry. I put her in the dryer for a little bit and then put her in front of the register to finish the drying process. However, since it's warmer here today, the furnace wasn't kicking on so I had to put her back into the dryer. :(

Well, I'm happy to report that Allison and Rosie have been reunited and are cuddling on Daddy's chair while Allison plays her Nintendo.
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Controlling My Chaos said...

Well, Rosie looks all nice and clean now.

Anonymous said...

Been there and done that staying up late washing bed clothes and than washing a teddy bear, which has had a few surgies but still goes to college. Teddy has been to Mexico mission trip and even to Oxford, England. I said many times he needs put away to save him and it is like the end of the world, he will probably be in her wedding!!! I sure hope Allison is feeling better.


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