Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Think I May Need Help!

Is there a twelve-step program for cupcake paper hoarders? If so, I think I may need to get to a meeting!

What can I say? I think I may have gone a little overboard on purchasing cupcake papers. Some of them are so cute that they are hard to resist. They are also so decorative. You can not only use them for cupcakes or muffins but I like cutting up brownies and bar cookies and putting one in each liner. They make a pretty presentation when you are giving your baked goods away.

Look at my new ones! Aren't these Daisy Picnic cupcake papers just yummy? I could just see cupcakes decorated with daisies in I HAD to bring them home with me!

I actually don't think the problem is all of my cupcake papers. I think the problem is that I've stopped baking lately and they've just accumulated.

Look at my collection! Oh my! Did I just say collection? Wow! There IS something wrong with me, isn't there? Seriously friends. WHO has a collection of cupcake papers in their kitchen?
This is sad. They've moved from a shoebox sized storage bin to one that is two sizes up!

You do know what this means, don't you?
I need to get baking!

Have Fun!
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Jenny said...

LOL! Could you make a cupcake wrapper wreath with those? :)

Sandy said...

WOW where did you get all of them, I didn't know they made that many different ones. I did get three books of forever stamps today, thanks for the heads up. I guess you have earned the cup cake paper queen!!!!!!!

An Accomplished Woman said...

I agree with Sandy, where did you find all those awesome cupcake paper? You are the queen. I would have to confess, I probably have a large number of ribbon. But now I am going to have to seek up cupcake papers.

Thanks for sharing,


Controlling My Chaos said...

Wow, you do have quite a collection. I have a weak spot for them too, but I've started storing them with their respective seasonal decorations in hopes that Peanut Head won't catch on to yet another addiction of mine. :)

Nancy said...

My mother has an addiction to cocktail napkins and cheese knives...she has then for EVERY holiday and occasions! We got to get you two together again and we have a party!!


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