Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Moms Name Their Families!

A couple of Saturdays ago the Moms got together for this month's "Mom's Craft Night Out." This month we made name boards. I know I say this all the time but I loved this project and our craft time together. I think it's the creativity of doing the project combined with the fun we have of just getting together for time for ourselves. If you are a Mom, then you know what I'm talking about. Some of us desperately need the time to ourselves.

Here is my board. I still need to put another coat of sealer on it. It was raining that day and I was afraid to go overboard with it.

Right now I put it on the top of my wall unit. It will be moved above a picture of the three of us when I redecorate the family room. Also, please don't look at my dust...I haven't been up there in a while!

Here are the step by steps. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Here's the table set up ready to go. We are outside sanding the boards.

The boards are 8 x 24 x 1 inches. Curtis, the sweet love of my life, cut and routed the boards for me. Thanks honey! We just sanded the edges a little to smooth out the routing.

Such concentration!

Painting the boards with their color of choice.

I loved all the colors. It was hard to pick one!

We let the first coat dry.

The final coats. We did 2-3 coats for complete coverage.

We gave the last coat ample time to dry.

Now it was time to prep the vinyl lettering. We use credit cards to rub over the letters to make sure they are adhered to the transfer paper.

The next step is to pull the backing off of the lettering and keep it on the transfer paper.

Next we lined it up... get it perfectly straight. After we were happy with where it was, we rubbed it to adhere the vinyl on the board.

We then carefully pull the transfer paper back leaving the vinyl.

We took them outside and sprayed them with a sealer. Here are close-ups of them while they are drying.

Here we all are with our boards:
The Chaffee wives...left to right are Nettie, Dawn and Susan C.
The Non-Chaffee row from left to right are Susan D. and Cindy B. The bottom row left to right are Me and Kelly.
Have Fun!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I know I've been MIA.

I miss blogging and have tons to share.

Maybe I'll get caught up soon.

Maybe I won't.

Life has been busy.

I've made a change in my life.

A big change.

After 16 years and 7 plus months, I resigned my position at my job.

It wasn't a positive thing in my life any longer.

It needed to go.

And so it's going.

I have 4 weeks to go and that chapter of my life is over.

I can't wait.

I'll be a spending the Summer with Allison.

This Mom's dream come true.

Starting a new challenge in Fall.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's a Mouse in the House!

Last Friday Allison and I had the opportunity to attend our first Mother Daughter Banquet. It was for the Girl Scouts and was so much fun. Each troop picks a theme for their table and the girls. The theme our girls came up with was "Mad About The Mouse." It was too cute! Actually they all were. There were SO many great ideas. Just to name a few...there were a Spring flower theme, a crayon theme, a wild animal theme and a military theme. Everyone voted for the best and I'm proud to announce that our girls tied for 1st place! The earned the privilege of being the first in line for the food buffet and also a Banana Split Party!
Doesn't all of our "Minnies" look great! One of the Moms made the skirts and the girls made the ears.

A Mom & Daughter self-pic.

They did drawings for Webkinz, gift certificates and a bunch of other stuff. This is how my daughter crosses her fingers for luck. Her legs were double crossed too. I didn't get a pic of that but I will have to so you can see my pretzel of a daughter!

Have Fun!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He Thinks He's Funny!

Yesterday was a horribly long day for me at work. I agreed to help out with an extra job that took several extra hours. That's on top of my busy work-packed Monday. I ended up being there 13 1/2 hours and I also drive an hour to get there and an hour home so you can do the math. Not fun!


Later in the evening, I received an email from Curtis. As soon as I saw it was from him, I smiled.


This is what he sent me!

Let me explain. Pepsi is my favorite. Canned Pepsi is my second favorite to fountain Pepsi. Allison wanted to get me a case of it for Mother's Day because quite frankly, I try not to keep it in the house. I can't control myself on it. It's my drug of choice.


Curtis knowing that we don't have Pepsi at work and knowing that I could probably use a Pepsi late in the evening of my grueling exhausting shift, decides to send me this picture of an empty can and empty glass to rub in that he's at home all comfortable drinking MY PEPSI!

He is NOT funny and NOT nice...and he wonders where Allison gets her orneriness!

I had the last laugh though. I knew what Monday was going to be like so I threw 4 cans in my work bag. Doesn't he know that us Moms always think ahead???

Have Fun!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Have Fun!
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Blessed Day!

Last Saturday Allison received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. It is a day in her life that I will remember forever. She was beautiful. We were surrounded with close family and great friends. The day was amazing and I the best way I can describe how I felt that day was my heart was filled with so much joy that it sang all day. It was truly special and blessed day.

There is a lot of photos in this post. Sorry. I had trouble narrowing them down to just these. There also may be more once my sister and my friend send me theirs.

I'll start with the invitations. The colors are a little off in the picture but they are a dark purple and lilac to match the grapes in the graphic I found online. I liked the colors so much that I went with them for the overall theme of the day.
This is the pew banner. It is 12 x 16 and hung on the pew we were assigned. As you can see, I used the graphic from the invitation as inspiration. This took me 4 1/2 hours to make! As I said in a couple of posts back, I can't do anything simple and easy! I'm not sure if it's a sickness or just that I want Allison's life to be as special for her as she is to me. She won't remember that there was laundry in the basement to do but she'll remember that I put it aside to make this banner special for her. I'm putting it in her room as a reminder of the special day.
This is when we first arrived at the church. Doesn't she look super excited?

Posing with her pew banner and roses. Curtis and I got her long stem pink roses for her special day.

Father brought all the communicants up around the alter for the blessing of the bread and wine. Allison is on his side in front of the guest Priest on his left. You can't see her because she is so tiny. Her head barely reaches the top of the alter.

Minutes before she goes up to receive the bread and wine. Curtis and I love this picture. You can almost see the thoughts running through her head.

The body...

...and blood of Christ.

The children did a little song and dance for all of us.

A little more of it...

...and one more.

The group shot. Allison is in the front row.

Allison with Father Murphy.

Aunt Susan couldn't stay for dinner so she gave Allison her gift at the church. I know I'm a gushing Mom but doesn't she look cute reading that card?

I think she likes it!

Getting some help form Aunt Susan.

The family pic.

Too sweet!

My little angel!

I can't tell you how happy I was that she was able to wear my dress. It was truly a dream come true. Thank you Cindy from My Romantic Home for the advice on whitening it!

This was her idea for a pic and I already have it blown up to an 8 x 10 ready for a frame. It's such a special shot.

Another one of the family outside the church.

We went to dinner at The Villa restaurant after the ceremony. It is an Italian restaurant about 45 minutes away but so worth the drive. It's has become Allison's favorite and she picked it out of the choices I gave her. Here she is at the restaurant in her dinner dress with her cake. I would have loved to have kept her in her communion dress but I wasn't going to take any chances with tomato sauce. After all...I have to save it for my granddaughter! ;)

Even though it was just close family and friends, I still had to make favors. They were filled with "Hugs & Kisses" from Allison...with help from Hershey.

A close-up of the favor.

A close-up of the roses. I am going to dry one for her and make potpourri out of the rest for her.

Thanks for staying with me through all of these pictures. I have one last one to share. This is a split screen of me and Allison both in the same dress. Don't you just love the knee socks?
Have Fun!
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