Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Moms Name Their Families!

A couple of Saturdays ago the Moms got together for this month's "Mom's Craft Night Out." This month we made name boards. I know I say this all the time but I loved this project and our craft time together. I think it's the creativity of doing the project combined with the fun we have of just getting together for time for ourselves. If you are a Mom, then you know what I'm talking about. Some of us desperately need the time to ourselves.

Here is my board. I still need to put another coat of sealer on it. It was raining that day and I was afraid to go overboard with it.

Right now I put it on the top of my wall unit. It will be moved above a picture of the three of us when I redecorate the family room. Also, please don't look at my dust...I haven't been up there in a while!

Here are the step by steps. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Here's the table set up ready to go. We are outside sanding the boards.

The boards are 8 x 24 x 1 inches. Curtis, the sweet love of my life, cut and routed the boards for me. Thanks honey! We just sanded the edges a little to smooth out the routing.

Such concentration!

Painting the boards with their color of choice.

I loved all the colors. It was hard to pick one!

We let the first coat dry.

The final coats. We did 2-3 coats for complete coverage.

We gave the last coat ample time to dry.

Now it was time to prep the vinyl lettering. We use credit cards to rub over the letters to make sure they are adhered to the transfer paper.

The next step is to pull the backing off of the lettering and keep it on the transfer paper.

Next we lined it up... get it perfectly straight. After we were happy with where it was, we rubbed it to adhere the vinyl on the board.

We then carefully pull the transfer paper back leaving the vinyl.

We took them outside and sprayed them with a sealer. Here are close-ups of them while they are drying.

Here we all are with our boards:
The Chaffee wives...left to right are Nettie, Dawn and Susan C.
The Non-Chaffee row from left to right are Susan D. and Cindy B. The bottom row left to right are Me and Kelly.
Have Fun!

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Tonya said...

They turned out GREAT! I love the different array of colors that you all chose!!

Sounds like an awesome time! I would so be crashing your mom's craft night out if you lived near me. )-:

Darlene said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again....Y'all do the MOST awesome projects!!!! I so wish I had a crafting mom's group....what FUN!!

~SandyDinNC said...


Jenny said...

I love them! How awesome!

Michele said...

Love it! did you use a cricut to do the lettering?


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