Saturday, October 19, 2013

SPONTANEOUS . . . A lesson learned!

Yesterday I was on my way home from work and only had about 10 more minutes left of my drive. I had been wanting to take the family down to see the Rubber Duck in Pittsburgh since it's arrival but it had not worked out yet. So on my drive home, I was trying to plan when we should go this weekend to avoid the rain and then the sun from the beautiful fall day we had yesterday came from behind a tree, through the windshield and shone brightly in my eyes. At that moment, I had my answer. 

We need to go right now! 

When I arrived home, I told Allison to get her sneakers on because as soon as Daddy got home from work, we were going on a Fun Family Activity! Of course with her being a 12 year old tween with raging hormones, I got some grumbling. She said something about it being a free country and she should be able to choose if she wanted to go or not. I told her that the country wasn't free until she was 18 and go brush her hair too!

I waited until I heard Curtis drive in and I pushed the button the Keurig . . . coffee makes him happy. I told him I had a surprise fun family activity planned so go to the potty and grab his cup of coffee and we'll meet him in the mini-van! He also gave me some grumbling because he doesn't like not knowing where we were going.

They both continued to grumble a little but I didn't let them ruin my excitement. I had in my mind that we were going to have fun no matter what!

And FUN is exactly what we all had!

 I can't say that I've ever posed with a duck before...let alone a 40 foot one!

 After our visit with the duck, we headed over to the South Side for dinner at the BD's Mongolian Grill. Allison and I had been there before but this was the first time for Curtis. He loved it just as much as she does!

 Of course you have to order the Fried Oreos for dessert!

 Hmm, maybe we should have ordered 2 orders!

 After dinner we stopped by Lucy's Handmade Clothing store on Carson Street for a little shopping and ended up with Mommy & Daughter matching skull scarves!

On our walk back to the van, we stopped at Hello, Bistro for coffees to go and then headed home.

Curtis and Allison raved about how much fun we had and now Allison wants to go to Pittsburgh every weekend. Curtis mentioned it again when we were getting into bed and again before he left for work this morning. 


SPONTANEOUS - performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.
Curtis and Allison's reactions to last night made me do some thinking. 

I used to be so spontaneous. I used to do things on a whim all the time. I used to throw caution to the wind and just have fun. 

When did all of that stop? 

When did I stop being spontaneous?

When did my life get so serious?

My doctor told me that I need to reduce my stress and I think this is the way to go! I love seeing those I love and care about happy. It's my joy. I love having fun but somewhere along the way, I lost that.

I want it back!

No, I just don't want it back I'm TAKING it back!

The dust on the shelves, the dishes in the sink and the pile of Mt. Washmore in the basement can wait!

There is fun to be had and memories to make!

Have Fun!
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