Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Treats for Classmates!

This year I signed on to be the Head Room Parent for Allison's class. What does this mean? It means I am in charge of the 3 holiday parties they have throughout the year. I know. I know. You are probably thinking ... WHAT was she thinking when she volunteered for that one?? Well. When I signed on to this Motherhood thing, this is one of the things I looked forward to...participating in her life at school. The only thing I didn't think about was having to come up with more ideas for the party. If you are a regular reader to my blog, you know that I enjoy making or putting together treats for her classmates for their parties from Allison herself. This proved itself to be a little difficult this year because I had to come up with ideas for the party and an idea of what I wanted to do from Allison. I can only come up with so many ideas at a time. So with that being said, I fortunately came across Jill Scott's blog, Controlling My Chaos, some time ago and became a regular reader. She has the cutest ideas and fortunately for me, she had an awesome one for Halloween. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was what I wanted to do and then to make things better, she did the graphics for her readers. THANK YOU JILL! It was SO easy and I had everything I needed on hand except the border punch but as you can see, I did it without it and it still came out cute! Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it. As usual, I blanked out Allison's last name to protect the innocent...or guilty. I never remember which one she is. :)
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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Night Out with Reba & Kelly!

A little over a year ago, Reba released her duets CD. Since I love Reba, I picked it up and played it in my van. Allison soon became to love it too and asked if she could have my CD to play in her CD player that she listens to every night at bed time. I share everything with Allison but I wasn't agreeing to this one. It was MY CD and I am sorry but I knew if I said yes, it would become HER CD. I wasn't giving in on this one. She is persistent and didn't give in so my best friend, Susan, bought her one for Christmas. She loved it! She has played it for months and knows the words to every song. I had decided that if Reba ever came to Pittsburgh, I would take Allison to the concert. Reba is currently touring with Kelly Clarkson in a "2 Worlds 2 Voices" tour. They had so much fun on their Spring tour dates that they they decided to do it in the Fall too. Thankfully Pittsburgh was on their list this time. I found it before it was announced on the radio by stalking I mean watching Reba's website. I was so excited that I called Susan to see if she was with us on this one. We used to do all the country concerts together in our younger days...not that we are that old now but you know what I mean. Anyway, she was game so we decided to make it a girls night out!

We had an awesome night! Our seats were on the side and SO close! I guess it pays to buy your tickets the minute they go on sale. Of course I had to dress Allison in authentic Western attire and she looked so cute! She received so many compliments which I think made her feel so special. She was just too cute in the pink cowgirl hat! I hope you enjoy the pictures. The couple from the stage are blurry but you can still make them out. You'll have to click on the picture to see a close-up of Allison's shirt. It has little red horses on it. Too cute!

Us waiting for the concert to start.
Aunt Susan and Allison in their seats before the concert.
This is Melissa Peterman a.k.a. Barbra Jean from the Reba television show. She did the opening comedy routine and was hilarious! We laughed so hard. Allison loves her Barbra Jean character so she was excited to see her at the concert. It was a nice surprise for us.
As you can see, she was on the edge of her seat! Okay. Maybe it was because her hat wouldn't allow her to lean back but she did like the concert.
Wooo Hooo! It's Reba!
Doesn't she look GREAT for 53?!?
My little cowgirl in her new Reba attire in an adult size small which she will wear for years because the child t-shirts didn't have pictures on them just the name "Reba" in fancy writing which kids are visual so why don't they have a picture????? Okay, enough of my rant! It does look cute on her, doesn't it. It worked out fine after I tied it at the side so it wouldn't be past her knees. Poor baby. When I was taking this picture a girl came up and asked if she could take a picture of her and with her because she was so adorable.
One last pic of the girls on their "Girl's Night Out" at the Reba concert!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

A Little Detour

I've gotten off track.
My "To Do" list is out of control.
My calendar has way too many things written on it.
My email box has emails waiting responses.
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.
I have lots to share but no energy to sit and collect my thoughts.
I'm trying to find my way back.
I know I will.
I always do.
I just need to focus and steer my course to sanity.
If there is such a thing as sanity!
See you soon!
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Friday, October 03, 2008

83 Days Till Christmas!

Do you hate me now?
Christmas will be here before you know it so get planning!
I'm having trouble posting this past week or so. I've been trying to tackle my huge "To Do" list. I would love to get most of it done by the end of this month. Obviously, I'm not going to get to my painting projects (there's too many). I would love everything done so I can concentrate on my Christmas planning but I can't think about that just yet.......there's a Halloween Costume I need to design and make first!
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