Saturday, March 07, 2009


Allison: "Mother. What's that big garbage can for in the back of the van?"

Me: "It's for your toys."

Allison: "Are you SERIOUS?"

This was a conversation Allison and I had this week on her way to school one day. Her perception was that I was cleaning house and her toys were going!

In reality, I bought it to store all of her outside toys. You know the ones...skates, helmet, elbow & knee pads, sidewalk chalk, Frisbee, jump ropes, basketball, soccer ball, kickball (Geez! How many balls does one kid need?) and more. I thought it would be easy to wheel it out and everything would be in one place. I also thought that end of the day clean-up would be easier too...and any dirt that ended up on the toys would be contained in the trash can and not on the floor of our basement or on our deck.

Have Fun!

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