Monday, March 23, 2009

In Need of Some Inspiration!

This Spring & Summer I plan on making some changes to our home. I have plans to paint the walls, refinish some furniture, sew some new curtains and update our look. I have so many ideas as to what I want to do but I am stuck on the bathroom. I can't get inspired! It's driving me nuts!

I usually have no problem deciding what I want to do or knowing what direction I want to go in...but not this time. All I know is that it's in need of a change.

This is currently how our bathroom looks. It's pretty basic so it shouldn't be hard. Ya, right! I am having a mental road block on this one!

A couple of things I know for sure are that I am not going to paint the cabinets. I don't have a problem changing out the hardware but I do not want to paint the cabinets at this time. I also know the light fixture needs to be changed on this one but I might have to live with that one for a little while.

So basically, I'm looking for ideas for a color and style change. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Don't forget that there is a man living in this house and I am sure Curtis would be appreciative of no pink or frills. I know it's a little feminine right now but I was pregnant when I did it and I wanted lilac. On a side time when Curtis and I were having a discussion, I told him that he had a problem compromising to which his reply was..."I pee in a purple bathroom, don't I?" Enough said.

So I am asking my blog friends...."Please inspire me!" One more is NOT an option.

Have Fun!
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That Girl said...

I think getting rid of the floral shower curtain would update it tremendously. Our bathroom is painted an aqua/turquoise color with white baseboard and black accents. I love it! I switch between a black shower curtain and a white.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love Curtis' comment about peeing in a purple bathroom. That is too funny. I'm with you on not painting the cabinets either. You don't want to get stuck with paint when you might want natural wood again. You can never go back without replacing the cabinetry. Anyway, my advice and what I usually do with a room, is start by finding bedding I like, or in this case a shower curtain, then let the inspiration come from that.

Brittney Josoff said...

This is what I would do, now if you don't I won't be offended but here is just an idea! I would take down the Medicine cabinet and put up a framed mirror. I would probably take down the cabinet above the toilet and I know you don't want to paint it but I would, you can always get a new one if you don't like the color anymore, not a huge deal. I would paint the walls a light brown but something warm, there are BEAUTIFUL towels at Target that are a base of Dark Brown with small stipes of tan and cream. One of those would be the color I would choose to paint. Take down the victorian shower curtain and put up a nice tan or dark brown shower curtain to coordinate with the towels. You could go as far as changing out the hardwear to oiled bronze too. Get those large loop cotton rugs and put those on the floor and do away with the toilet cover as those have been out since the early 90's. It is such a warm nice feeling when you get it all done and I am sure you husband would appreciate a little more masculinity, there is no way on this earth my husband would let me have a bathroom that looked like that! Hope you get some sort of inspiration and i'll check back for picts of the finished product!

Sandy in NC said...

Tie it into the colors you are going to do your bedroom in......

Twice as Nice said...

I was really seeing a vision until I read the part about not painting the cabinet. If you ever did I would suggest black. This is what I would do. Paint cabinet black with new nickle knobs, put up a white shower curtain with a monogram letter of your last name. I would get rid of the cabinet above the toilet and put something in black frames. I would get new rugs but I would not replace the one on the toilet. I would replace the lights and if your able to live with out the storage I would put a framed mirror above the sink, If money is an issue then a new shower curtain, rug and different paint should do the trick. I think with the black it is something your hubby could live with.

Marilyn said...

I love the flooring. As for the cabinet, I'd paint it white. I would paint the walls a taupe but not a dark taupe. As for the cabinet over the toilet, I like it but would paint it white. One thing to think about, your cabinet now matches the woodwork so you may want to leave it as is. When you have walls are taupe they will 'match' your flooring. with taupe and white you will have a pretty neutral back ground and can put just about any color you want with it. Brown towels would be pretty but any thing would work. Good luck and take your time. You will find what is perfect for you.


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