Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Vintage & The Modern Day Brownie!

Allison joined Girl Scouts last fall as a Brownie and has loved every minute of it. Earlier today, Curtis and I were talking and decided that joining the Scouts has been the best experience for her.

Why, you ask? Well. Allison's mind is always moving and she loves to learn new things. The word her teacher uses most frequently to describe her is that she's a "thinker." She also tells me that Allison is always searching for knowledge and answers. Boy, does she know my child! Allison loves to read but not story books or chapter books. Her books of choice are encyclopedias and dictionaries. Yes. I know. She's odd. She's not like most children.
What do you expect from Curtis and I?
A normal child?
No way!

Anyway. I'm getting off the subject as I often do. Brownies. Brownies is the subject. Let's stick with it here. Okay. Yes. Brownies is the perfect thing for Allison. She is always learning new things as they work towards a badge. This is good. Too much repetition is not good for her. She gets bored if there is too much of one thing. She is amazing at retaining what she learns the first time she learns it and once she's learned it, she is ready to move on. That is exactly why being a scout and working on the badges works for her. They usually do 4 activities to earn a badge.
This is perfect!

Okay. Here is Allison dressed in her Brownie uniform. Isn't she adorable? She is definitely the "Modern Day Brownie." Apparently the Girl Scouts have relaxed their uniform standards and it's up to the troop what they want to choose as a uniform. Even though I'm a traditional person, I actually like that idea. I think it's blends better with the modern day families.

One thing that hasn't changed is the Brownie Membership Pin. It's the pin you see in the first pic on this post. It's on the brown Insignia Tab. Allison hasn't received hers yet so I went to my jewelery box and dug mine out from when I was her age. I dipped it in jewelry cleaner and it was good as new!

Okay. Here's the vintage part of the post. It's me! All decked out in my official Brownie uniform in 1970! Scary, aren't I? I am glad they changed the uniform and loosened up a bit! Can you imagine that lovely orange tie now? Oh, and that beanie! I'm not going to say much about the beanie because it is still an option for some Brownies. Gasp!

Oh. By the way. Sorry Alesia for cropping you out of the picture. Your eyes were closed in the pic anyway and after all...this blog is about me! :::wink, wink:::

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Darlene said...

She looks so cute in her Brownie uniform. Of course, you did too!!! I was never in the Brownie's but I know it is a GREAT organization.

Michelle said...

I seriously LOVE the old uniform. Even the orange tie. Is that weird? Your right about the beanie though. :)

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love Allison's Brownie uniform. I was a Brownie too and I had a costume, I mean uniform, just like yours. :)


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