Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Still Here!!

I'm just trying to find some extra hours in the day! Do you know where I can get some? I think 5 extra would be good!

I'm looking forward to Wednesday. After I put Allison on the bus, I'll have 8 hours to myself! I have to work on this house. We are picking up some new furniture today and I need to make it fit. This house is too small but I'm not ready to move just yet. I have plans in my head to move some furniture from room to room. Every room will be changed except Miss Allison's her request. So in order to move things around, I am cleaning things out. I am in the decluttering mood again. This is good! We need it! I think I've asked this question before but "WHERE does all this STUFF come from?" Am I the only one with this problem? Please tell me that there are other women that struggle with "thisstuffisdrivingmecrazyitis"...please tell me that I am not alone!

I have to be going but here was Allison's memory work for last week:

"For nothing is impossible with God."
Luke 1:37

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Leonore said...

You are not alone! My clutter multiplies like rabbits! LOL Good luck decluttering and moving stuff around! =)


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