Sunday, November 18, 2007

No, I'm NOT having a Blog Strike!

Curtis asked me yesterday if I was having a blog strike? I know it's been a while but life is certainly busy these days. Tis the season! I have not forgotten about my blog. I know I need to continue and complete "An Unplanned Journey" but knowing about it and actually sitting down and getting to it is another thing. I had planned this last Wednesday to do an entry but then I remembered it was Parent Visitation Day at Allison's school. Sorry, but I would much rather be sitting in the classromm with Allison!

I don't have much time now. We have plans later on today and I am trying to get some of my house in some sort of order before we take off. That in of itself seems to be an overwhelming job these days! Before I go, here is our contribution to for The Turkey Protection Program for Allison's school. We had to disguise a turkey to save it from being cooked and eaten on Thanksgiving. I don't know about you but I wouldn't mess with a "Turkeetah", would you???

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Jolene George said...

So glad you're not on blog strike. I would choose Allison first too.
Too funny about the Turkeetah.

Kim said...

Love the Turkeetah! That's one for the scrapbooks.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! I certainly wouldn't mess with a Turkeetah. What an imagination, I love it!!

Aunt Susan


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