Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've Won an Award!

Yes, that is right! I have been awarded the Bad Blogger of 2010 award! I know, I know. You all are jelly belly!

Okay, seriously. I don't think there is actually a bad blogger award out there but if there was, I am sure I would be in the running for it!

I have thought about blogging dozens and dozens of times and well, it just never happened. Thank you to all of my friends and blog readers out there for stopping by and wondering if I was going to ever blog again. Even my sister commented to me on the phone one day and she usually never discusses my blogs with me. She just secretly stalks me! Just kidding . . . love ya, Lis!

I have had a couple of readers ask for the binder covers and I've saved your emails with the intention of going back but ya, that never happened. If you still want them, please email me again and I promise I will have them to you within three days. I would go look in my saved mail but it would take me at least that much time if not longer to get through the hundreds of emails I've saved. Someday I'll go through those and organize them but it's just not high on my priority list.

What? Why have I been a bad blogger? I knew someone would ask that so I'll answer that question with one little four letter word. LIFE. Yes, life . . . please tell me you didn't think I would use a bad four letter word . . . for heaven's sake, I'm a Mom, you know.

Anyway. I'm going to address the subject of blogging or my lack there of. I started blogging in 2005. Yes, 5 years ago. It seems crazy that it has been that long but it has. I started as a way of documenting our lives and creating a legacy for my Allison. Sort of like a journal with pictures. A place for my thoughts and feeling so when I am gone, Allison will really know all of me.

However. This blog has morphed itself into something different but wonderful just the same. It has become a place for family and friends to see what we are up to and it has picked up some wonderful new "friends" along the way. It has all been an amazing experience. At one time I considered trying to turn it into a business. BUT. . . I know myself and if I had done that, I would have resented it at some point when it became a thing I HAD to do. There is nothing more than I would love to do but work from home but turning something I love to do into a job with deadlines and commitments, would just not work for me. My blog is more like an dear old friend. One that you know will always be there when you are too busy to give that friend attention. That friend understands that LIFE happens sometimes and they will take a back seat until you can reconnect with them again. You will pick up with them as if time never passed. You will share the happenings of that last several months and enjoy the memories. So. Thank you friends, family and followers. Thank you for letting me be a part of your online life. Thank you for stopping in and seeing if anything is up with me and my little family. Thank you for understanding that when LIFE happens, I step back, prioritize and go into blog hibernation for a few months.

On a side note but having to do with this topic, I just read a blog post last night from Kimba at A Soft Place to Land. She is an awesome blogger and had been running her blog as a business for the last couple of years. In her last post she talks about making hard choices and turning her blog back into a hobby instead of a business. Her life has gotten too busy with family, church and such that there just isn't time to give her blog the attention it needs to be a business. I stand up and applaud her for recognizing what she needs to do and doing it. Although she calls it making a hard choice, I call it making the obvious choice. If it's the right choice for her and her family then it truly is what is supposed to be at this time in her life.

This picture below was taken a few weeks ago when Allison and I got to meet Kimba at her yard sale. She only lives a little over an hour from us so Allison and I decided to include her yard sale in our Allison & Mommy Play Day. I'll have to talk about our "Play Days" another time . . . they are so much fun!

Whew! I was long winded today and my keyboard is smoking a little so I better wrap this up. Anyway, I think I am finally learning how to balance my life a little better with the new job and hopefully I will be posting more frequently. Okay. WHO do I think I'm kidding?? Balance? Can any one of us really balance what is thrown at us? Probably not but I am just going to keep on keeping on one day at a time and pop back in when I have a few minutes or so.

Love you all!

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Tricolon said...

I just found your blog the other day and can't wait to have the time to catch up on all your posts, regardless of how long it takes between them.

I too find that LIFE keeps getting in my way. My blog is less than a year old, but I also wind up with lots of ideas and no time to post!

Sandy said...

Hey Cindi glad to see you are back, I missed you as a lot of other people did.


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