Saturday, September 30, 2006

Book Fair, Candles & Grilled Cheese!

I have so many things to share so I am lumping them all together in one post. I hope you can keep up!

Allison had her first book fair this week at school. Since I am off on Wednesdays, I was able to take her to school and shop with her before school started. It was so cute to see her in her school. I met a little girl in her class named Elizabeth and she and Allison showed me all of their classmates first artwork. All of it was laminated and hanging on the wall across from her classroom. We then walked down to the gym where the book fair was held. Allison spotted Derek (yet another "boyfriend") walking down the hall with a couple of other boys. She said in her sweetest voice "Hi Derek!" and that little boy ignored her! You should have seen the look on her face! She was just heartbroken! My heart ached for her but I quickly changed the subject as to not give it too much attention and she was fine. What I really wanted to do was to say "Hey kid! My daughter said hello to you!" I am hoping he just didn't hear her. I can't imagine they start playing the "I'm too cool to say hi to you because I am with my guy friends" game in Kindergarten.

These are the books that Allison picked out. The A-Z Horse Dictionary book she picked over the bug book! I was extremely happy about that! The Bible stories book is really cool and comes with 2 cds of songs that she will be able to listen to when she falls asleep at night. The last book is cool and not only has a story but came with stickers and activities to do. The pages are shiny and it came with a dry erase marker so she can do it over and over again. I also got a book too! It is a recipe book called "Silly Snacks." It has a lot of cute, fun ideas in it for kids. I thought I could do some of them when she has a friend over and I can be the "cool Mom!" Here is just one example of Monster Mouths....isn't it cute? Some of the other recipes are "Purple Cow Jumped Over the Moon" shakes, "Little Piggy Pies", "Silly Snake Sandwich" and "Mud Cups." I can't wait to try some out!
Have you ever burned a Home Interiors' candle? If you haven't, you don't know what you are missing! They are wonderful! I burn them all the time and here are a few of their current candles in a jar. Right now I have Spiced Cider burning in the kitchen and the whole house smells awesome! It smells like Fall. Another one that is new that I got this year is this one. The colors are more vibrant in person than on the computer. As soon as I took it out of the box, Allison said "MOM, it looks like candy corn!" and it does! You should check them out and get some. You can even get them for FREE! I do! I take a candle brochure into work with me and they sell themselves. In fact, people ask me when am I going to be selling candles again. I earn credit by selling them and can pick from candles or anything else in the Home Interiors line. I usually just stock up my stash of candles that I keep in my basement.

Hmmmm! Grilled Cheese...and of course, Campbell's Tomato Soup! You know it's Fall when you make this lunch. Allison loves it just as much as I did when I was a kid! Okay, true confession here! When I was old enough to start making it for myself, I used to pretend that I was taping a cooking show and I was the star! LOL! I can't believe I just typed that! It must have been the beginning of my love of cooking shows. I love watching the cooking shows on Food Network. Allison loves them too. Rachel Ray is her favorite. She will sit and stare at the television and study everything she's doing. Hmm, maybe I have a future chef on my hands...or at least someone to help me cook dinners when she gets older!

Have Fun!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
Dr. Seuss
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