Saturday, February 17, 2007

An Afternoon at the Ballet!

My sister, Alesia, treated Allison and I to an afternoon at the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts to see the ballet, Peter Pan. It was AWESOME! Allison sat in her seat the whole time and loved every minute of it. I was a little worried that there was no speaking but I don't even think she noticed. Her favorite part was the crocodile. He was adorable! He did a little dance and then at the end, him and Captain Hook danced together. Allison giggled and giggled. It was definitely a good day. One thing did surprise me today though. While it was the first Act, Allison jumped up on her knees in the seat and spun around and said something to the people behind us. I immediately asked her what she said and she said "Those people behind me were kicking my seat and I told them not to." Oh my, such boldness and independence! I had to laugh a little to myself. I always correct her when we are out in a restaurant or wherever and she starts kicking her feet. I tell her it's bad manners and it's inconsiderate of the others around her. I guess that must of sunk in to her little brain and decided to share a lesson with those patrons behind us. LOL!

Here are a few more pictures. One of Allison and Alesia outside the Benedum. The next one is of Allison in from of this really cool balloon sculpture of Captain Hook (her favorite). They had all the characters. It was really quite cool.

After the ballet, we went over to Station Square and had dinner at Houlihan's. I LOVE that place! I always get the same thing but it is so scrumptious that I am afraid to get anything else. It's the Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad. The description taken from their website is: Our classic grilled chicken salad with snow peas, red onions, red bell peppers, wonton strips, oven toasted white and black sesame seeds, peanuts, mandarin oranges in a tangy-sweet peanut dressing. It is YUMMY and I highly recommend it if you ever go there. I also got a bowl of their baked potato soup but in all honesty I wasn't as good as it used to be. It seems as if they have changed the recipe. I guess I can cross that off my list of "must haves" when I go there.

One more picture before I leave. This is of Allison on the train at Station Square. Isn't she adorable. I stood there watching her and thinking back to the first time she rode the train at our mall. The man had to stop it after one time around because she started to cry. She has gotten so big and not afraid of anything. Have Fun!

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” ~Peter Pan

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Susan said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a blast!! I agree with you about the potatoe soup. Steph and I had it over Christmas Break and I'm crossing it off my list too!!!

Anonymous said...

You went to Hoolihan's!! What about my stuffed mushrooms!!!

I cry foul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guess who this is????


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