Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taking a Spin with my Lettuce!

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My friend, Sherie, and I were talking a while ago and the subject of a salad spinner came up. I never really thought much of them...just another kitchen gadget I didn't need or have room to store. Sherie said she couldn't "live without my salad spinner!" Wow! Maybe it's something to look into!

Well. I did. Look into it that is and I decided that I just couldn't justify spending twenty or more dollars to spin my lettuce dry.

Well patience is a virtue, right? Or maybe frugality is...I'm not sure but waiting worked for me and so does my salad spinner!

This is my salad spinner. It's a Tupperware one. It's retail price was $37.50. Wowza! I know! Crazy!

However! I picked mine up at Goodwill and let me tell you I don't think it has ever been used. Well okay...maybe once but it looked brand spankin' new!

Are you ready for what I paid for it???

Are ya?

::::drum roll please::::


I know! I couldn't believe my luck too!

By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my salad spinner and to quote Sherie "I couldn't live without my salad spinner!"

Mine even has a lid that keeps the lettuce fresh in the refrigerator if you don't use the whole head. I just chop up the whole head, put it in the spinner in ice cold water and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then I dump out the water and take my lettuce for a spin. Oh my! The lettuce is crisp and dry. I'm definitely loving my salad spinner!

If you decide to get one, just remember NOT to open the lid until the inner basket stops spinning. If you do, you'll have lettuce all over the counter and floor...although your 8 year old will find it "hilarious"...mine did!

Have Fun!

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~SandyDinNC said...

OH GREAT!! Now I need one!!!!! I MUST have one!!!!! Find me one at Goodwill!! ;)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

That is a great price- you go girl!


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