Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Moms Get A Little Frosty!

Last night was another exciting, relaxing and fun "Mom's Craft Night Out!"
I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy spending this time out every month. Not only do we get to be creative and snack on some yummy snacks but we get to spend a night out with some great women! I highly recommend to all of you Moms out there to set aside time every month to get together for a Mom's Night Out. You could plan a craft night like we do or if you aren't crafty, try something else. Some of my suggestions are a night of board games or cards, or a classic movie night complete with movie popcorn & candy, or with Christmas around the corner, you could get together and help each other bake cookies. The possibilities are endless. I promise will not regret taking the time to put something together for yourself and your friends. You deserve it!

Okay, now onto this month's craft!

As you can see by the picture below, we made snowmen families. Aren't they adorable? They weren't hard to make but they did have a lot of steps. I found the inspiration on a blog somewhere when I was surfing a blog party. I wish I could find where I got the inspiration so I could give proper credit. You see I have a bad habit of saving just the pic in a craft document and forgetting where it came from. The craft that I make isn't ever exactly the same because, as always, I have this odd need to put my own twist on it.

I don't have step by step instructions this month because I was just enjoying myself so much that I didn't take a whole lot of pics. Dawn suggested that we video tape ourselves one time to share. OH MY! I'm not sure that I want everything that happens at MCNO to be on tape for the world to see! Now, now! Don't get the wrong idea about us! We are a nice bunch of Moms but when you accidentally stick your finger in high temperature hot glue, a not-so-nice word might just slip out of your mouth too! Just ask Susan D. ... she did it three times last night! No...not the naughty word...THAT she did only once but the hot glue on the finger....yup, THREE times!

We used a gloss craft paint on our snowman and it really gave them a nice shine. Here's Susan C. putting on the final coat of paint on her snow family.

Still finishing up the final coats but do you notice what is in the middle of the table? Yes. We can never have too much chocolate on craft night! What's that you ask...where's the other Moms? You do know that Moms are the best multi-taskers, don't you? The other Moms were practicing that skill while the paint dried. They were just to the left around the kitchen island feasting on the yummy snacks our snack hostesses brought this month.

Such concentration!

It's looking good, Susan!

Here's Susan giving her snowman's hat a little bit of fringe.

The group shot is in two pics this month because we didn't have a photographer. Well. We actually did but he was in his bed sleeping since he is recovering from having his appendix out the day before.
Left to right is Kelly, Nettie, Susan D., Sandy, Susan C., Me and...'s Dawn instead of me in this pic.

It's a Snowman Party!

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Joyce said...

How cute are the snowmen! I want one!!

Krista said...

I love it when you post your craft nights! This is my first time commenting, but I originally found your site from your Easter egg wreaths. I like that your crafts always look well put together, but aren't too intimidating. Two questions: how did you make the stocking cap and what did you use for the nose?

Darlene said...

Those are absolutely ADORABLE!!! What a fun night for MOM's!!!!

Vinyl Masterpiece said...

I LOVE THEM!!! I use to do these kinds of crafts all the time before I started my vinyl company. Thank you for sharing this. They are adroable!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I love the snowmen. They are so cute!

Michelle said...

What are the noses made from? fuzzy piece of felt (sticky back). I can't tell if it puffs out or not?

Cindi said...

Hi Michelle,

The noses are made from orange felt that is stiffer than normal. I found it at Michaels.


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