Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flowers, Paint and a Little Handprint!

We have had rain for quite some time that I never thought I would be able to get my front flower bed done.

Thankfully yesterday we had a beautiful day so I quickly got to work!

My Mom had picked up some geraniums for me so all I had to do was run over to the nursery and get some filler flowers. I then had to clean out all the old leaves behind my lilac bush and arborvitae, lay mulch and plant all of my flowers. I also painted my little ice cream parlor chair a beautiful Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon. It's hard to tell in the pic but it is so vivid!

Here is my finished project. The sun wasn't cooperating so the pictures aren't that bright but if you click on them, you might get a better look. Please ignore the shutters...the home owner's association still can't agree what to do with them! Geez! Just paint them or let us get new ones! It's not that big of a deal!

I can't wait for the flowers to grow! There are a couple of trailing flowers in the pot on the chair so when they fill in, they are going to be everywhere!

The gazing ball was my Aunt Carole's. She past away several years ago and it was handed down to me. I haven't had it out the last couple of years for whatever reason. I am so glad I brought it out. It makes me smile when I see it.

A close up of the pot and chair. As you can see, I didn't sand the chair or anything before I painted it. I love the rustic look and I can't wait for some of the rust to peek through!

I love to pack the pots full of flowers! I usually start with a geranium in the middle and then build around it with different levels of flowers. It is so beautiful when it fills in but you have to be sure to water it every day since there are so many plants in it.

I picked this pot up at a local drug store many years ago. It's one of my favorites. I didn't have a geranium for this one so I just planted all the leftover flowers from the six packs in it.

This is one of the rose bushes I received a few Mother's Days ago. I believe this one is cream colored and the other one on the other side of the chair is a salmon color. It was supposed to be yellow but I think it cross-bred with a red one that used to grow there.

We made this back when Allison was four, I think. It was a nice find in the basement since I never had it out before.

One of my lilacs. They are a very whitish-lilac in color. It's supposed to be a dwarf bush but gets bigger and bigger every year!

My Mom got me this chicken planter when we first moved in here. It's not very big so I only put one geranium in it.

This is another pot like the one on the chair except for the trailing flowers. I have this sitting in between our two townhouse doors.

A top view. I'll have to be sure to take pics later this season and post them. I can't wait for these to fill in!

Aww, Mr. Bunny is stopping by to say "Hi!"

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Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

Just lovely! Loved all your pots and flowers.

Darlene said...

All of your flowers look BEAUTIFUL! I also love all the little details in your garden.. The chair looks GREAT!

Diana said...

Enjoyed a first visit! Love all your beautiful photos. Following...

Come see me.


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