Friday, May 21, 2010

Is This a Test?

Seriously. Am I being tested?

Does someone up there want to see how much I can handle?

If so, I say BRING IT ON!

Today I am dealing with a flat tire on the van...pretty isn't it?

I am also dealing with a leaky bathtub faucet...which we found out was leaking because the ceiling in our living room started to drip. The ceiling is now water logged and that corner will need to be replaced. And before you ask...No, we didn't see a watermark on the ceiling! You see when we moved in there was a watermark from a previous bathtub leak that was fixed. We painted the ceiling with Zinsser Stain Killer Primer and let me tell you...that stuff works. It covered everything including the new leak. UGH!

They say when trouble comes, it comes in threes. Well. I also broke a nail down to the flesh. It didn't bleed but you can see it wanted to and it hurts really, really bad! And of course it's the thumb on my right hand...and I'm right handed so I use that hand a lot. Sadness.

I am hoping that's all the trouble that will be thrown my way this week because if that's what you've got, then I can handle it! Even though all of the above stinks, I'm trying to look on the bright side. First and foremost, we are all healthy, happy and together. Secondly, the tire can be replaced (I needed two new back ones anyway). Thirdly, the faucet and ceiling can be repaired. Actually, I've been on the fence about repainting the living room so now my decision has been made for me. I'll plan that for a fun fall project. Also, since the water dripped onto my silk tree (yes, I still have silk!), I took it outside to clean it which caused a domino effect and now all my silk greenery is pretty again! And lastly, I'll trim my other nails so my little nubby thumb nail won't look like a runt and with shorter nails I'll be able to type faster so I can blog more! :)

See. It's not all so bad when you break it down! Me freaking out would just make it worse and I would still have a flat tire, leaky faucet, water logged ceiling and a broken nail! So what would be the point?!?

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Sandy said...

I thought I was having a glum day, now I feel pretty good. Steph's grsduation will probably be inside which I will not be able to do because of my knees, so tired of pain, but it will get better. Thanks for the pick me up!!!!!!


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