Sunday, May 01, 2011

30 Day BSC!

Jillian Michaels may have the 30 day Shred for your body, but I'm going with the 30 Day Big Spring Clean for my house!

This house is stuffed to the ceiling with stuff! Okay, well not really to the ceiling but there is so much stuff in here that we do not need or do not use that it is going out the door!

Seriously. I am saying buh-bye to a ton of stuff! I want to simplify this house and make a craft/scrapbook room in the basement. I can't do that if we are storing stuff that is no longer of use to us down there!

I've planned a yard/garage/rummage sale for Saturday, June 4th so there is a deadline for me to get through this house! That is only 1 month away! The pressure is on!

My plan is to fill 30 boxes with stuff to sell. I know it sounds like a lot but I am thinking if I dedicate the Month of May to it, I can do it. It averages out to only about 1 box a day. I figure I could probably handle one box a day with my work and Mom schedule.

Hmm, think I can do it?

I hope so because there is no going back! I've rented out the Grange back home to hold this sale so we can hold it rain or shine! My Mom, sister and BFF, Susan, are all participating so it should be a fun time too.

Allison wants to sell lemonade and sweets and donate all the profits the Humane Society. She is such a giving child!

One question for you all . . . what do I call this thing?
It's not in a yard or a garage . . . it's inside a building.
Do I call it a Rummage Sale or a Flea Market or do you have a better idea?
So, what do you think?

Have Fun!
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