Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm Alive!

Yes, that's right!

I am alive!

If any of you don't believe me and think this blog has been blog-jacked, here is a picture of me and Allison on Christmas of this year to prove it!

I have no excuses or apologies for being missing in action since last May.

It wasn't my intention to be gone for that long.

Really, it wasn't.

Life just happens and I've been trying to keep ahead of it without it running me down.

There's good news though . . .

I am here now!

I have lots of ideas running through my head, lots of goals to accomplish and lots of things to share!

I really do miss blogging so I plan on making a blogging comeback!

If there are any of you still out there, I would love for you to stop by from time to time.

Comments are open so please say "Hi!"

I hope to see you soon!

Have Fun!
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Janel said...

So happy you're back :) I've been wondering how you and your family have been doing! Beautiful picture of you and Allison on Christmas! Looking forward to some new blog posts!

Blessings, Janel in NJ

SandyDinNC said...

I am SO GLAD you are back! You look fabulous!!


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