Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

It's amazes me at how fast a year goes by the older I get!

We do nothing fancy to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new year. First, my sister, Alesia, comes for an overnight visit with her dog, Ginger. Then for dinner, I make about 6-7 mini appetizers on dinner plates and we have a picnic on the coffee table in the living room. After that we watch a movie and I pray that I stay awake until midnight to kiss my honey.

While my family is out getting a movie, I thought I would share 11 random things I did on this last day of 2011.

1. I took a picture of Allison in her new fleece p.j.'s that she made herself! Grandma took her to pick out a pattern of something she wanted to make, let her pick out the fabric, taught her how to layout the pattern and then oversaw her sewing it. She did it all by herself and I am so proud! Aren't they cute?

2. Cleaned out my purse . . . and found 8 AA batteries! They are back-up for my camera. The problem is that it only takes 4. So, I must have not remembered there were 4 in there when I threw the second set of 4 in there! No wonder why my purse was so heavy! Well, that and the Canadian coins that were still in there from our trip at the end of August!
3. Put Allison's Kindergarten - 5th Grade school pictures in a school frame. Love it!
4. Put a new check register in both checkbooks to start the new year out fresh.
5. Finalized January's budget and wrote out some checks.
6. Cut coupons. I want to be diligent about using them this year.
7. Took a picture of Allison giving Aunt Alesia a manicure. I need to schedule an appointment with her!

8. Ordered Pizza Hut Pizza for lunch.
9. Made homemade foam soap for my soap dispenser in the kitchen. Got the instructions from Pinterest. So easy and so economical!

10. I scrubbed the bathroom for the last time . . . in 2011.
11. Renewed Allison's magazine subscription online.

Well that is my random list for the last day of 2011. Whatever your plans and goals are for the New Year, I wish you success in all you wish to accomplish!


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Janel said...

LOVE Allison's pj's...they are just adorable! I can't get over how big Allison old is she now? My daughter Mary Anne will be 12 next month :)

You did a lot on the last day of the soap dispenser with the Dawn for washing dishes or are you using this for your hands? (great idea)

Take care Cindi...Janel in NJ


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