Friday, December 30, 2011

Step #1 to a Clutter Free Path!

One of my goals for the new year is to have less clutter in this house. I know I have talked about it before but it really is a never-ending-battle for me!

So. Here I am again.

There are probably many reasons why we have clutter. I personally think the main reason is that we (as in Curtis, Allison and myself) have trouble getting rid of things. My Mother said it once years ago that I was her sentimental Cindi. I would definitely have to agree. The problem is that if you take my sentimentality and times it by 3, it's a big problem.

If you are thinking we could be featured on an episode of hoarders, I'm painting the wrong picture. It's not disgustingly bad as it is on that show. It's just that we have a lot of things that we do not need but have been unable to get rid of.

I keep saying we need a bigger house but the truth is that we just need less stuff. I refuse to get a bigger house just to store our "stuff."

The truth is that we have kept more things because of sentimental reasons than any other reason.

Let me give you a few examples:
~ We kept a car for 12 years because it was the car we brought Allison home in from the hospital. We sold it last year but it sat there for over a year before we could let go. Wait. Let me clarify that . . . before "he" could let go. Seriously?
~ We have a supply of those bubble things that prizes come in when you buy something from a bubble gum machine. Allison thinks she'll find a use for them. Seriously?
~ We have storage totes and boxes filled with every school paper that Allison has brought home. I just couldn't get rid of something in my baby's penmanship or something she made with her own hands. She's in 5th grade so you can imagine how many totes and boxes we have. Seriously?

Okay. Now that I have established that my house does not look like the picture below, it's time for me to attack my clutter problem.

Once more before I go on . . . the below picture is NOT MY HOUSE.

I found the picture on Google images and I am using it for effect and to make myself feel better about my own clutter.
So my first step in attacking clutter is my third example from above. Allison's school papers. It's time for me to address them. At first it was hard to throw any of them away but after 5 1/2 years of school and the growing mounds of paper, the time is now! Well, the time was the last 2 days. Yes, it is done and I feel so liberated!

I decided to use one of these portable plastic filing storage tote thingies. I used it because I had one on hand in the basement and I didn't want to do my hair and make-up to go to Staples. I never go anywhere without my hair and make-up done. Wow, that sounded vain! It's not because I'm vain or some beauty queen. I'm just old and getting wrinkly and need all the help I can get!

So, truth be told. I started with this project on my way to a Clutter Free Path because I need to start on Allison's School Scrapbook. Yes, I know. She's in 5th Grade!

Anyway, I filled the tote with hanging file folders that I had on hand and made labels for each grade along with church, Girl Scouts and a file for "other" stuff that she has done and or collected.

I filled each file with her school pictures, report card, certificates and awards, pictures, samples of her handwriting, artwork, samples of her papers and anything else that pertained to her grade.

I am actually kind of excited that this project is done. First, because 4 bags of trash went out of this house. And second, because I had bought a Becky Higgins School Album kit several years ago and with this tote, I'll be ready to go!

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Have Fun!
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