Friday, January 13, 2012

Checking In!

Wow! It's been 10 days since I posted last!

It doesn't really seem that long but work has been crazy busy since I went back after having a week off at Christmas.

I've been busy at home too . . . trying to keep things together. You know how that is. When there is way too many things on your "to do" list and not enough hours in the day or energy in your body?

I am just trying to keep on keeping on!

The only reason I found time to blog now is that I fell asleep on the couch earlier in the evening and didn't bake a cake for a birthday tomorrow at work. It's for a special young lady (my BFF's daughter) or I might have just scrapped the idea of baking a cake. So. I have the cake in the oven and to prevent falling asleep again (with the cake in the oven), I thought I would check in here in blogland.

I've been trying to get to my "30 Spaces in 60 Days" list but it's hard during the week. I am hoping to cross a few off my list this weekend.

The cake is almost done but before I end this post, I have a picture to share of our furkids. Every morning when Allison gets up, she gives them a plastic kid's cup of water from the tub for them to have a little morning drink. As soon as they hear her get up, they come running . . . if they aren't already waiting in the bathroom as I call her to get up! Please tell me that I am not the only one who has trouble getting their child out of bed because it's the morning struggle with her that will throw me into mental ward one of these days!

Anyway, Allison always tells Simba "ladies first" and then puts the cup closer to Princess. As you can see here, he likes to clean her head while she drinks. What you don't see here is that seconds later, she puts her ears back and starts hissing at him to stop. Sometimes she even raises a paw to him. Seriously. She needs to learn that when a man wants to do something nice for you . . . be thankful!

Well, I now hear my bed calling my name so I am going to take the cake out of the oven and head on up to bed.

Nighty Night!

Have Fun!
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1 comment:

Janel said...

That picture is just too precious! It is so sweet of Allison to give them a drink first thing in the morning!

My Mary Anne has trouble getting up in the morning too :( She has trouble falling asleep at night and this makes it hard for her to get up! I had the same problem when I was young.

Good luck with the 30 spaces in 60're a better person than I am!!! Janel


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