Sunday, February 03, 2013

Valentine Wreath Revisted & A New Favorite Movie!

Yesterday was day 5 of Allison having the flu so we decided to have a lazy Saturday. Curtis rented Disney's Brave movie for the family to watch. I'll admit, I stink at watching a movie at home . . . especially one that I didn't pick out. It's not that I don't want to watch it, I just usually fall asleep. So, in order to try and stay awake. I decided to do a craft while the movie was playing.

Our Mom's craft group made the Ragamuffin Heart Wreath 4 years ago for a craft. My original wreath has faded over time since my front door gets full sun during the day. It was time to replace it. However, I still love the wreath and decided to make another one instead of finding a new Valentine wreath for my door. Lucky for me, I had bought extra supplies when we made the original ones so everything I needed was on my craft shelves. It also came with a bonus . . . the fabric was already cut into the strips! Yay! 

Click here for the original post with all the details for making the wreath yourself. This wreath is the second most popular post on my blog and has received over 20,000 visits so far! Amazing! I am truly blessed to have been able to touch that many people with my little old blog!

 The Disney movie didn't last as long as I needed to complete my wreath and after it was over my family left me in the family room by myself. Thanks, family!

Since my wreath wasn't done, I decided to throw in another movie while I finished my wreath. 

A friend had surprised me with a gift bag of goodies at our last craft group and it included "The Help" which I had not seen yet. OH. MY. WORD. Can I just say, it was EXCELLENT???? Seriously, I had always wanted to see it but never got the chance. Shame on me!

It is honestly now added as one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies!!!

If you haven't seen it, you must rent it. NOW!As I said previously, a friend presented me with a gift bag of goodies. Look at all the fun stuff she included in the bag! She is too kind! This is a friend who is a sister-in-law to my best friend. I didn't know her on a personal level until we started Mom's Craft Night Out over 4 years ago. 

Yes, we make pretty things during our craft time and have a lot of fun doing it. However, the friendships and the time I spend with an amazing group of women are what I cherish the most!

Those few hours a month are truly good for my soul!

Have Fun!

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