Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Week in Review in Pics!

Hey Everyone! I tried posting last week but Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures. It wouldn't let me again today so I finally accepted the newer version and SHAZAM, it let me upload as many as I wanted! is our week in review!

Allison's school Christmas party was last Friday and I decided to make gifts for all of her classmates. I took little stockings and wrote all of their names on them in gold glitter paint. Then I filled them with a box of crayons and a small candy cane in a treat bag. I had trouble getting my Microsoft Word to work so I had to write out "Merry Christmas from Allison" on all 21 tags! What a pain! We are so spoiled by technology!

Allison had 10 minutes to kill last Friday morning before we had to go catch the bus. I told her she could play in the living room but not to sit on the floor because she had black pants on with her Christmas shirt and it will collect lint from the carpet. She said "Okay, Mom." I never thought about it again until I walked back into the house after putting her on the bus. This picture is what I saw. She is just in love with our tree...just like me. I secretly put some of my favorite ornaments on the side where the couch is so I can sit and stare at them. I love getting up early and just sitting in the dark with nothing but the tree lights on. It is such a warm feeling. I love our "family" tree and all of the stories the ornaments tell. Apparantly, it is like Mother like Daughter in our home...the evidence is in the picture!

How cute is this snowgal? Allison brought it home from school last Wednesday and was so proud to present it to me! Of course, I was SO excited to receive it too! It is her FIRST handmade ornament! I couldn't wait to give it a place of honor on the front of the tree. It's the first ornament I see when I walk into the living room. I love it! She also brought home a tile that she painted with a snowman's face. It's "to put hot stuff on, Mom!" She said it with so excitement! I put it right next to Daddy's chair so he can put his coffee cup on it. She is so proud and I just love the things that she makes. Lately, she has had this thing for hearts. She draws them, colors them and gives them to us. Curtis put one in his wallet so every time he sees it, he thinks of her. I have them all over my refrigerator. Who would have ever thought that something so simple could fill me with such joy?

I needed four little gifts for some people at work and this is what I came up with. I bought the "JOY" tin buckets at Target in the Dollar Spot at the beginning of the Holiday season. I thought they were so cute and for a buck, I couldn't pass them up. I filled them with a couple of sheets of tissue paper in the bottom and 2 Irish coffee mugs with snowmen on them and six packets of assorted flavored hot chocolate by Land O' Lakes. They came out really cute and were a BIG hit! I had two of the buckets left over so I filled them with shredded red and green tissue (I put it through my paper shredder) and a couple of the Home Interiors candles in a jar and they came out just as cute too!

The picture below is a close up of my Nativity. When I sold Home Interiors the first time around I splurged and got it for myself, my sister, my Mother and my best friend, Susan. It's probably my second favorite Holiday decoration next to the tree. I remember as a child sitting and looking at my Mom's and thinking that I could just envision them being real. I am so happy to have a beautiful set for Allison to look at too.
The whole Nativity:

This picture was taken last Saturday, the 23rd. Poor Santa, he looks so tired! Allison had already seen Santa this year at the pancake and sausage breakfast at our church. However, I realized on Saturday that I didn't have my camera with me and didn't get a picture. Well, of course I HAD to have a picture of this event so we took her down to Zelienople where they have a free standing house erected each year for Santa to visit the kids. It is adorable. There is a tree, fireplace and toy boxes in it with a little front porch. It is decorated for Christmas and you can bring your own camera and they only take donations. Afterwards, we were hungry and Curtis surprised us and took us to the Log Cabin Inn for dinner. Even though I had TONS of Christmas prep to still do at home, I didn't stress about it. I just enjoyed this perfect night with my family.

This picture is of our tree. As I said above, I LOVE all of the ornaments and the stories that they tell. A few years ago, I started and "Ornament Scrapbook" for Allison. It is 5 x 7 and each page has a picture of the ornament on it with the story of when she received it, where it came from, who it came from, the reason behind it and any other important information about it. When she leaves home (sniff, sniff) to set up her own home, I will give her all of her ornaments along with the scrapbook.

Here is a pic of Allison in front of the tree. This was taken Christmas Eve after Christmas Mass. Do you see the skinned knee? She was so excited to go to church that when she was trying to get out of the car by herself, she got her foot caught in the seat belt and fell out onto the pavement on both knees. Poor thing!

I have been admiring figurines for years! I LOVE them but I didn't want to buy them myself. They are Willow Tree figurines by Demdaco. I mentioned them to Curtis last year and he gave me one of the ornaments for Christmas. He thinks they are creepy without faces. I think they are beautiful. He took Allison shopping and she picked these three out for me. I think she did great! When she saw the little angel holding the cat with short curly hair, she told her Dad "That one looks like me!" She's right! It does resemble her and it's my favorite. I also love that Curtis took her with him to pick them out for me. They are just that more special because of it.

And last but certainly not least! This little snowman is what Allison picked out at Santa's Workshop at school for me. She was so cute when she brought the presents home. They must have prepared the kids for us to ask what they were because she stood strong and wouldn't tell me. She did however ask me if I liked snowmen...too cute! It is my FAVORITE gift this year! He was in a little basket with three little candles and some red and green tissue paper. He is darling, don't you think?

Have Fun!
A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
~Eudora Welty

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