Thursday, March 01, 2007

Disney on Ice, A Friend and A President!

Last Saturday we took our annual trip to see Disney on Ice. We have been taking Allison since she was 9 months old. She loves it and we love our little family tradition. However, this year we decided that she could bring a friend. I personally was a little torn at first with this decision. It is such a great family day and I wasn't sure that I was ready to share that with anyone else. She invited Anna from her Kindergarten class. Anna is such a lovely young lady and at the end of the day, Curtis and I agreed the day was huge success! This year it was Monsters, Inc. and it was awesome! Our seats were 1st row rink side seating and just perfect. They were dead center and we saw everything perfectly. We even got a popcorn shower when one of the monsters jumped off the ice towards us and hit a guy carrying a big bag of popcorn. It was hilarious! We were still picking popcorn out of our hair after the show! Here a few pictures of the show:

Allison & Anna at the beginning of the show with cotton candy. They couldn't wait to dig into that! Allison doesn't get it too often and I could tell by Anna's excitement, she didn't either.
This is of the two of them before the show started. This was the view of the ice from our seats.
This is Mike and this picture was taken from my seat with no zoom lens!
Sulley and Mike. Isn't Sulley cute?
This was part of the finale. I had the girls stand in front so they could get their picture taken with Roz but Allison turned her head just as I pressed the button.
More of the finale.
Another one of the finale. You can see all of the tissue confetti that was sprayed into the air. It was every wear and I think we brought some home with us in the hoods of our coats!
After the show, we always go over to Station Square and grab some lunch at Houlihan's, walk around the shops and ride the Monongahela Incline. This next picture of the girls are as we were going up the mountain in the incline to Mt. Washington.

The girls on one of the look-out points on Mt. Washington. I LOVE this shot! You can see Pittsburgh's skyline across the Monongahela River, Heinz Field to the left in the picture and the PPG Place building to the right.
This picture of us was taken by Allison. She posed us and everything! It think it came out great! I love the blue of the sky behind us!

Okay, so I've written about Disney on Ice and a Friend but I bet you are wondering what I meant when I put "A President" in my title. Yes, we were wondering too! After picking Anna up at her house and on our way to Pittsburgh, Anna said something about "meeting the President." We told her we weren't meeting the President but she kept on saying it. After we rode The Incline, she said it again. I asked her where she got the idea the she was going to meet the President? She said Allison told her. Well immediately Allison said "NO, I didn't!" Curtis and I just looked at each other still puzzled. It wasn't until we were riding The Incline back down that Curtis said "WASHINGTON, Mt. WASHINGTON!" LOL! Too Funny! Allison did tell her that we would be going to Mt. Washington and Anna interpreted it to President! Don't you just love the way kids think? I certainly do!

Have Fun!

"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels."

~Author Unknown

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