Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Couple of Funny Pics!

It's Saturday morning and before I get started Spring cleaning my living room, I thought I would stop by and share a couple of pictures.

This pic is of Miss Allison right now. She wanted to get "all fashionable" for Grandma's house later today. Look at those legs. I don't think mine were ever that thin!

A close up of her "fashionable" hair style!

This one is of last week. Emmie (my car) had been sick for a couple of weeks. Curtis and his best friend, Rudy had been working on it every evening trying to figure it out. It was raining on the evening they thought they had the answer. I think at this point it became a challenge and the rain wasn't going to stop them. I looked outside and the pic below is what I saw. Is this a total redneck thing to do or what? I guess my 9 1/2 foot patio umbrella is good for more than just shielding the sun!

By the way, they did end up fixing the problem. It was one single relay wire to the computer. It would have probably been easier to replace the wiring harness but those two figured it out which wire it was and replaced it. Thank you guys!

Have Fun!

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Jolene George said...

Miss Allison certainly is stylish. I don't think it's redneck to use the umbrella. I would have done it, but then maybe I'm a redneck too. I know I lean more towards redneck than fancy pants. :o)

Kim said...

Allison is growing up so fast. Love those pictures!


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