Monday, April 02, 2007

Classmate Treats & A Moment with Grandma!

Allison is staying home sick from school today so I have a little time to update my blog. She has my cold that I've had since last Monday. Actually I think mine was a combination of a cold an a sinus infection from my allergies. I love that Spring is starting but the change in temperatures and all that new growth out there is killer on me! I feel like I carry around a box of tissues with me all the time.

On Saturday Allison and I put together her Easter treats for her classmates. We started with pink, green, purple and blue plastic cups that I found at Wal-Mart.
Then we added green Easter grass. The treats consisted of a plastic colored egg filled with an Easter themed eraser, a bag of Life Savers Gummi Treats in the shapes of bunnies and chicks, Smarties, an Easter pencil that I found at Target and then topped the cups off with jelly beans.
We dropped the whole cup in a cellophane bag, tied the top off with bright colored curling ribbon, added a tag and we were done! VERY easy and Allison loves them! I hope her classmates love them too!

We had a wedding shower to go to for Curtis' second cousin over in Ohio on Saturday night. Actually it was more like a family get together but neither Curtis or I were feeling well so we decided not to go. Curtis' Mom called and asked if she could take Allison with her and then spend the night. I hesitated for a brief moment and she said "I'll be responsible." It wasn't that I didn't trust her but my thought was that she'll miss C.C.D. and church in the morning. The shower was from 6:30-8:30 pm and by the time they got home it would be after ten. Allison needs her sleep and I was thinking that it would be too late for her. Grandma never asks to take her anywhere and always helps us when we need her to watch her or pick her up from early dismissal from school so I told her that it would be fine. Allison was SO excited and told Grandma on the phone that she may be hungry so she should bring some snacks in the Blazer with her. Bossy little thing! Anyway, since we haven't had a good picture of the two of them in years, I took the opportunity of taking some pictures. This is the only one that came out good and we love it! Can you tell how much she loves her Grandma? We were standing in the parking lot waving to them as they were backing out and BAM! Grandma backed into the street light that is on the other side of our parking lot! Curtis and I just stood there and she put it in 1st and kept on going. She never stopped as the pole stood there swaying! She never got out to see if there was damage. She just drove off and left us dumbfounded that we just let her drive away with the most precious thing in our life. Our daughter! WAIT! Didn't she tell me on the phone that she would be responsible? LOL! They made it there and back just fine and we laughed about it later on the phone.
Have Fun!

"Grandmothers are just antique little girls."
~Author Unknown
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Kim said...

Very cute Easter treats. I cannot believe how big Allison is getting. She's a cutie. Love the missing front teeth. Mark just got his first loose tooth and is determined that it falls out before the end of school (May 24) so he can be on the classroom "tooth chart".


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