Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my honey turned thirty-something. I would post his age but I'm sure he wouldn't be too thrilled with me. I don't know why because I think he looks good for his age! I tease him that I would leave him for George Clooney but in all honesty, George doesn't come close my guy!

I tried to make his birthday special but I think I failed. First, his gift that I ordered didn't come in time. I did make him a nice dinner of pork roast with baby portabella mushroom gravy in the crock pot, mashed redskin potatoes and green & yellow beans with baby carrots.
However, he couldn't enjoy it because we had to eat it in a hurry so we could go pick up Allison's school work from one of her classmates. She's been out sick for two days so I had the teacher send it home. I don't want her to get behind. After picking up her school work, we went to the vet's office to pick up Princess from being declawed and spayed. We then rushed home and he sat at the kitchen table for the next 2 1/2 hours with Allison doing about 30 school papers! We then sang a quick happy birthday and presented him with his cake that Allison and I baked for him and she sprinkled and sprinkled and sprinkled!
He then read her a story and tucked her into bed. He came downstairs and had a piece of birthday cake. Since Allison has been sick, I had not been able to do my normal Wednesday errands which included picking up a birthday gift for a birthday party that Allison was invited to tonight. So off he went to Wal-Mart to get a gift for the little boy. What a guy! George wouldn't have done all that!

I love you honey! I'm sorry your birthday wasn't all that you deserve. I hope we share many more of your birthdays together. I promise you they will be better!

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Jolene George said...

Happy belated birthday to your honey. You fixed a wonderful dinnder for him.
I love your pictures from your mini vacation. It looks like you had a wonderful time.


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