Sunday, September 16, 2007

An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

My niece, Stephanie (actually my best friend's daughter) is in Oxford, England for the first 3 months of her college sophomore year on an exchange program. How WONDERFUL is that? I just finished a blog header for her from her pictures and they are simply gorgeous. Here she is in front of her favorite building so far. It's the Radcliffe Camera. She is having an amazing time! I just talked to her on the phone and she sounds great! She is loving every minute of it! She is picking up the lingo and I'm afraid by the time she comes back home, we'll all be talking that way too. She is keeping us all updated on her blog which is over there to the right. ---> Feel free to stop by and visit her on her journey. Make sure you click on the archive posts starting with September and you'll get to see her whole trip so far. Don't forget to say hello to her from the states too!

I was looking at the pictures the other day with Allison and she said that when she goes to college she is going to study in England too! LOL! I told her that we had to get her through 1st grade first! I love how they think!

Have Fun!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Cindi. Thank you so much for doing her header. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure she appreciated the call too.
Thanks again!


Sandy said...

Cindi, WOW what a great job on her header. We just love all of the pictures each day keeps, seems to keep her so close to us but yet she is so far away. THANK YOU.
Give that sweet little girl a kiss from me. Have not seen any pics of the kitten lately!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

You are simply amazing!!! I absolutely love the banner...I never thought blogging could be this much fun! Thanks for calling today too, I know it was short, but it was great! Love ya' :)


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