Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Surprise for Ba Ba!

My Mom's birthday was on the twenty-second of February. It was a snow day for us so Allison and I were held up in the house. She wanted to go and surprise Ba Ba but I told her that if we couldn't go to school or work, then we didn't need to be driving an hour to surprise Ba Ba. Thankfully, she agreed. We did agree that if the weather cooperated, we would surprise her on the Sunday after her birthday. Since the weather had been unpredictable, I decided to wait until Sunday morning to bake her cake. I had baked a cake for the fish fry at our church on her birthday but then couldn't take it because of the snow. I didn't want another cake laying around here saying "EAT ME! EAT ME!" if we ended up having bad weather. Several posts ago, I talked about this cool Wilton cake pan that I saw in a catalog. It is molded to make a cake in the shape of a giant cupcake. I found it on Amazon for $8.00 cheaper than anywhere else so I caved in an bought it. I had to order a book so the cake pan put me above the minimum to receive free shipping so I had to buy it. How's that for justification? Anyway, here is my first attempt at the cake. I did it in blue because it's my Mom's favorite color. The bottom is a darker blue and after I had it iced, I realized it needed more dimension so I added red food coloring to the icing and piped the purple stripes on it. It's going to take a little practice but just after making this first cake, I'm loving the pan!
Here are the grandkids singing "Happy Birthday" to my Mom. Left to right is Mya (my brother's daughter, my Allison, Ba Ba, Derek (my brother's son) and Abby (my brother's girlfriend's daughter). You can see the proportion of the cake better in this picture. It's much bigger than it seems. I cut seven slices out of it and there was still more than half the cake left.
My brother and his crew just came up for the cake and ice cream so they didn't stay for very long. After they left, I was able to take a much needed nap on the couch while Allison and Ba Ba spent some quality time together. Seriously friends, it's not me that she was happy to see when we surprised her at the door! In the picture below is Allison trying to teach Ba Ba how to use her little VTech Nitro Notebook. My Mom is tremendously technology challenged and it was so entertaining for me to watch this little lesson Allison was trying to give her. Little Miss Patient Allison breathed a couple frustrating sighs when Ba Ba didn't do what she was supposed to do when she was supposed to do it. Too funny!
Have Fun!

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Sandy said...

Cindi.....What a neat idea for a cake and the pics are sooooo precious. GREAT JOB!!!!!



Kim said...

I gotta get that cake pan! I love it! That cake is so freaking cute. I have two birthdays in April (two days apart), one in June and one in August. My kids love it when I "make" their cake. I definately need this pan.

Benita said...

What a cool cake! I may have to get me one of those pans, too! Happy Birthday to your Mom :)


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