Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catalog Inspiration!

In addition to magazines, I also love catalogs. It must be a visual thing with me because I love to look at the pictures! These days the catalogs are beautiful! They offer me so much inspiration and ideas. I also tear pictures out of the catalogs for my reference binders. Thankfully, I really don't buy much if anything from them at all. Sometimes if I see something I really want but don't really need, I'll wait and watch their website. If I don't forget about it, I leave it up to fate. I wait for it to go on sale or even better on clearance. If it does and it's a reasonable price, I'll bite. Most times I forget about it so that proves I can live without it. So no harm done.

One of my most favorite catalogs is Pottery Barn Teen. Their stuff is gorgeous but way out of my price range! I did pick up this really cool tri-fold weathered frame thingy a couple of years ago to use in Allison's room when she gets older. It was one of those things I had to have. I think regular price was $89 and I got it for $25 on clearance. I was definately doing the happy dance!

Let me walk you through some inspiration from the Pottery Barn Teen catalog. All these pictures are from their website. The catalog shows so much more than some of these pictures but you'll get the idea.

At the very tippy top of this picture, there are pictures strung on a cord with those tiny clothespins you find in craft stores. Cool idea for when Allison gets older and has pics of her and her friends that she wants to display!

In the pic below they used a monogram in the room. I like that idea! I purchased a big papier-mâché "A" that I am going to paint and put in Allison's room. I also LOVE the idea of a small chandelier over the side table or in the corner of the room. It makes it so girly! I especially love that one but I better leave it up to fate...if you know what I mean!

I like the concept below but not necessarily the different squares. I think I would take cork squares, cover them with batting to make them cushy, cover the squares with different fabric, mount them on MDF and frame the whole thing out with molding.

Look how cute these boxes are below! These would be so easy to make! Can you just imagine them in the same fabric as the big square bulletin board? I would use some papier-mâché boxes that the craft stores carry and use spray-on adhesive to attach the fabric. Maybe embellish them with a little ribbon and gems. I can almost see them sitting on the dresser!

Oh my gosh! Aren't these original? A princess crown would be cute but knowing Allison, she would probably want a snake, shark or dinosaur!
Notice the box on the dresser...the same color family but different print.
This would be so easy to make! An old frame, batting, fabric and some of those vintage straight pins with the pearls on them.
When I saw the above frame, I thought to myself "Self, wouldn't a few of them be cute hanging on a wall?" ... and then look what I saw! Hey! Maybe I could work for Pottery Barn!
These next two items are things that I would love for myself. Unfortunately they are not on sale or clearance. :( I am hoping fate will intervien and at least the dress form gets discounted.
Hmm, this one would probably collect dust, right? See, I'm talking myself out of it already!
I received a new catalog in the mail the other day. It's called Ginny's. Luckily they have a website so I borrowed pics from their website to share with all of you.

What an adorably whimsical pedestal! I wish I had room or a kitchen big enough to store all the pretty things I see...and a pocketbook big enough too! The cupcakes in the picture also inspired me. They are gorgeous! I'll be attempting those soon!
Aren't these fun? They don't match my kitchen but boy are they cute!
I like the color combination though. Hmm, maybe a scrapbook layout in those colors. Okay, I love this! It's a cake pan that makes a huge cupcake. It is made by Wilton. This is so up my alley! Oh what I could do with this!
These kitchen towels are so yummy! They don't match my kitchen either, but I could see myself doing a whole mini themed scrapbook in the green, cream and burgandy.
Rachael Ray 5 quart hard anodized oval saute pan.
Oh how I would love this! My bathroom is not big enough for this but if it was I would have ordered this the first day I saw this in the catalog! I wouldn't even care that I would have sell my blood to get it! Do you know what it is? It's a "cat washroom"! The litter box fits in there behind the door! Love it!
Have Fun!
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