Monday, February 11, 2008

Magazines & A Magazine Survey!

I love magazines! I'm embarrassed to admit that I used to get close to 12 delivered in the mail every month. Some of the ones I received were Family Fun, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Parents, Better Homes and Garden, Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, Home, Scrapbooks Etc., and Country Home. However, I am proud to say that now I only make my mail lady bring me 2 a month! I decided at the beginning of the year last year to stop the madness! I was getting more magazines than I could possible read every month. They started to pile up the bed, in a basket in the living room, a basket in the hallway, on a shelf in the coat closet, etc. etc. etc.! This compiled with Curtis' love of car magazines became too much! So when the renewals started coming in, I just pitched them! That's right! I chucked them in the circular file! I was fine until I saw them at the checkout stand. I wanted that new pretty issue! I was a magazine junkie trying to ignore the urge for the next fix! I needed to see the latest scrapbooking technique or read the instructions on how to plant a container garden or I wanted to see how to drop 10 pounds before Summer! It wasn't pretty! I found myself starting to pick the longest checkout line so I could sneak a peek at what I was missing. So I could feel those untouched pages in my fingers. And occasionally I caved in and bought one...but only one... every so often. I would say in the last year I probably only bought 3 at the store. Not bad, huh? Now I don't even look at them anymore. I think I'm cured!

As I've said before on my blog, I love Family Fun magazine so I will continue to subscribe to that magazine until Allison is probably 18....or longer if I have grandchildren! The Simple Scrapbooks in the picture is the last issue of that subscription. The other three magazines in the picture are ones I picked up at Home Depot last week. I am on vacation this week so I knew I would get some time to look those over. I have also disciplined myself to tear out the articles or pictures that I want to reference for later and put them in binders. I do it as I read it the first time instead of waiting until later. This definately cuts down on the magazine clutter!

To be honest here, I did find that most of the magazines repeat themselves. I've torn something out of a magazine that I've liked to put in my reference binder, only to find the same picture is already in there from a previous year. I also found that with the internet, there really isn't a reason to subscribe to all those magazines. You can research almost anything you want on the magazine's website. They all have them these days. That doesn't mean I'm giving up all magazines! Some are just better in real life than on the web!

Now for the survey! What magazine or magazines do you receive? What is your absolute favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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