Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's STILL snowing!

Yes! It's still snowing! Ugh! School is closed again for the second day in a row after it was delayed on Monday for two hours! Normally I wouldn't care but I took a vacation from work this week. I took it to get some big projects done around the house. I needed to get some major cleaning and decluttering done. I needed to get some things organized. All of this can not be done with Allison around. She wants me to play or she wants to help me. I love when she helps but her helping me is sure to turn any job from a half an hour job to infinity! So for now I'll put my list on the back burner and enjoy my daughter. After all, she is what I wished for my whole life. If you stop by my house, please don't look in my closets, judge me by the stack of mail in the corner that needs attention or criticize me because of the growing laundry pile. It's not what life is all about.

Last night after Curtis got home from work, he took Allison sled riding on the little hill next to the house. I'm not so good at action shots but I still love them just the same. As you can see they are a little dark because we were losing daylight.
I think this is my favorite. It was one of the first runs down on the new sled. I think they were both shocked at how fast this sled goes.
Allison's hands are not that big! We couldn't find her gloves so she had to wear a pair of mine.
LOL! I just asked Allison what she was thinking when she covered her eyes. She said "I don't know. I wasn't thinking anything, actually!"
She's got her Daddy fooled. She wanted to play airplane going up the hill. She probably didn't want to walk up so she made a game out of it so he wouldn't notice he was being used!
"Hold on baby! There's a tree at the bottom of the hill"...which she ended up running into anyway!
Making a snow, I think she just was taking a break here.
I love the look on her face here. I'm not sure what Curtis was doing though. I think he may have realized she was headed for the tree and was going to try and stop her.
Have Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hi the pics 0f fun in the snow. Took time to catch up with your blog, I say you could do your own magazine!!! We have to keep on Stephanie to update, she has been really busy with studying. Cindi keep bloging a lot of us look forward for it.




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