Thursday, February 07, 2008

100 Days of School!

Do you remember celebrating 100 days of school when you were a kid? Me either but the schools do these days. It's actually really cute and they plan so much for them. Allison's 100th day of school was scheduled for Monday....however, we had a horrible ice storm on Friday and school was closed so it was pushed to Tuesday.

The first thing the students were asked to do was to create a 100 of something on a red poster board that was sent home. After MANY suggestions, Miss Allison decided that she wanted to collect 100 signatures. We decided that we would get the signatures on two inch square pieces of cardstock or paper. I emailed everyone I knew and asked for their help. Curtis and I also carried squares with us and solicited signatures from co-workers and customers. At first I was a little nervous that we would even be able to get all those signatures but then they started rolling in. Aunt Alesia helped us by getting some at her work and Pap Pap carried some with him too. Here is Allison with her project. As you can see, we used a United States map and linked the signatures to the states. I wanted to make it a learning experience as well. We also got three signatures from Egypt, France and Ukraine. She thought those were really cool. They are in the upper left hand corner. She was very proud of her project.The second thing she came home with was a paper from her teacher explaining her challenge to the kids. 100 consecutive hours of NO TV! Sorry for the curved lettering in the pic. I took the picture of it while it was hanging on the fridge. The TV outage started at 2 pm on Wednesday and ended at 6 pm on Sunday...just in time for the Superbowl. Of course, that didn't matter to us because we could care less about football in this house. Anyway, one of Allison's classmates refused to take the challenge because he couldn't go without Sponge Bob. LOL!
The 100 hours of no TV wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. When they cancelled school on Friday, I thought it might have been an issue but it wasn't at all. I had received a package the day before and I had the box by the door to go out to the trash. Allison asked if she could have it and turned it into a "TV." She drew my picture first of what she considered my favorite show. Do you recognize it? It's "30 Minute Meals with Raechel Ray." Too funny! It's not my favorite show but I thought it was funny what she picked. It's actually one of HER favorite shows that we watch together. After she completed the 100 hours, I had sign a paper to verify that Allison did indeed complete the challenge.
The teacher planned an afternoon snack of pizza and I volunteered to do "100" cupcakes. I put colored jimmies inside the cupcakes and on top so she could pass them off as having 100 sprinkles. I also made picks for each cupcake but didn't put them in until I got them to school.
Here is a close up of the picks. They said "Happy 100 Days!" I used lollipop sticks to hold the circles I printed on the computer and then used my circle punch. I topped the top off with a little curling ribbon to match the papers.
The kids were also instructed to wear a 100 of something. We decided a t-shirt with one hundred 100's on the shirt would be cute. I used fabric paint in six differnt colors and put them on the front, back and sleeves. If you click on the pic to enlarge, you will see I did a few rhinestone 100's for a little sparkle.
Here is Allison on the 100th day of school in front of her 100th day project.
Allison's teacher in the new school is awesome! She had so many things planned for the kids. They enjoyed a 100 snacks. She asked some of the parents to donate a snack and then the kids would build the a 100 snack mix making it with ten different snacks of ten each of those snacks. I donated mini pretzels. Apparantly those were the big hit because the students didn't have to pick them up with spoons. They were allowed to use their fingers to count out ten. Allison said "Mom, you spread the love in my class today because the kids were happy they could pick them up with their fingers!" Too funny! It's the little things, I guess. They also made a crown (see below) and fingerprinted it 100 times...20 of each color. Her teacher also gave each of them a pencil that said "100 days of school" and a certificate that said "Allison is 100 days smarter" with their picture on it. Mrs. M also read to them for 100 minutes. They were all instructed to bring something to lay on. I was worried about how this would go because 100 minutes is a long time for 1st graders. It apparantly went well as Allison told me all about the story so she must have been paying attention. In the picture below are 3 books that Mrs. M. gave to the kids for completing the 100 hours of no TV. I bet that little boy wished he would have taken the challenge after all!
One last thing before I go. I want to share a couple of "Allisonisms"...cute things she says from her perspective. 1.) There were a couple of extra cupcakes and Mrs. M. said she could take them to the office for the secretary and the principal. She said that she gave Miss E. hers and then Mr. V. wasn't in his office so Miss E. told her to put it on his desk for him. She said "Mom! I was in the principal's office and I wasn't even in trouble!" and she also said "I was a little embarrassed to be there because I didn't want anyone to see me and think I was in trouble." 2.) I asked her if she ate her pizza and she said no. I asked her why not. She said "because I ate your cupcake Mom." I told her she could have had both and she said "No thank you, I just wanted your cupcake because you make the best cupcakes!" So sweet! Not just the cupcake but my daughter too!
Have Fun!

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