Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Medusa and A Quick Recipe!

Last night we went to a contractor show that Curtis was invited to. The theme was the Greatest Show on Earth. It was set up really cute. You entered through a lion's mouth into the big top. The vendors were all set up in the big top pitching their newest products. Also scattered throughout the big top were a juggler, a palm reader, a tarot card reader, a man riding a unicycle and Mike the Balloon Guy. Mike was amazing. He made tons of different hats for each kid and some adults as well. He also made armour for a knight, a full space suit and tons of other outfits. You'll have to check out his sight for what they can do. It really is amazing. When it came to Miss Allison a Princess Tiara wasn't acceptable. No, my sweet child wanted a Medusa! You know...the lady in Greek Mythology that had a head of snakes! Mike suggested a butterfly hat but that wasn't good enough either! She insisted upon a Medusa hat! You could tell that he had never had that request. Of course, I commented that this wasn't the daughter I thought I would have when I dreamt of having a little girl. She definitely is one of a kind!
I had planned on making spaghetti tonight and then I opened an email from Kraft Foods. They always have the best looking recipes in their emails. I clicked on their sight and did a quick search and I found this recipe for Pronto Pasta Italiano. I had all the ingredients so I ran it by Allison to see what she thought. She gave me the go ahead so this is what we had for dinner tonight. I added a salad and dinner was done in less than 20 minutes! This was my kind of dinner! Allison gave it a thumbs up and she ate every bit of it! This recipe definitely goes into my permanent recipe binder! By the way, this picture is "borrowed" from the Kraft site. We ate ours so fast, I didn't have time to take a picture!
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