Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Funny!

I went through a big basket of junk mail, school papers, receipts, etc. that seem to have piled up in my kitchen. Fun, huh? Anyway, you know those coupons that spit out with your receipt when you are at the grocery store, Target and other stores? They are generated based on an item that you buy. So if you buy let's say candles, you might receive a coupon for lighters or flashlights. Or if you buy one brand of cereal, it might spit out a coupon for a different brand. Get the idea? Well last week I went to target and bought 10 lbs. of cat food. That's it. That's all I bought. Nothing else. Today I came across the coupon that was attached to the receipt for the cat food. I had to scan it. It's too funny!
Here it is:

Have Fun!

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Benita said...

LOL....maybe they thought your cat needed bandages? I get those coupons all the time, too, but usually end up forgetting I got them. BTW, I tagged you again on my blog :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny if you get the bandaides maybe the cats will share with Allison!!! She looks so sweet reading the funnies. Have a good week and look forward to more pics.



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