Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Shining Star!

A couple of months ago in February, Allison was chosen to be one of the Shining Stars in her school. It's a great program that the P.T.A. does for the students. Every student every year gets a chance to be a Shining Star.

They get their picture up on the bulletin board in the main hallway, they get to share some of their favorites on the school's closed circuit TV in the morning news segment and they get to have a parent or friend join them for lunch in the cafeteria. By the way, when Allison was asked what her favorite food was, she replied "Anything my Mom cooks." Way to go baby! I attended the lunch this year and I have to admit, I had the best time! We have to be there 5 minutes before their lunch time so we can sign in and get our parent passes. They take us to the cafeteria and show us to the student's assigned tables. We sat their waiting with the lunch that we brought for our child. Can I just say here that McDonald's cleans up on this day. We ALL had McDonald bags. Allison's class entered from the opposite door and as soon as she saw me she let out a "MOM!" which was followed by "ALLISON'S MOM!" coming from 3 other little girls! They all came running at me to get a good seat. Boy did I feel important! I was on the end of the table and had two to each side of me. We chatted about what they learned that day. I quizzed them on the week's spelling words. I told them that it had been over 20 years since I've been in a school cafeteria. They giggled. Two of them debated on who was Allison's best friend. I told them that I was about their age when I met my best friend, Susan, in school. Allison replied that it was 4th grade and not 1st grade. What a memory! Lunch time came to an end way too fast. They started lining them up to go back to their classrooms. I thanked the girls for letting me have lunch with them. I hugged and kissed Allison and was just about to leave when Lena asked me if she could have a hug too. How sweet! Allison considers Lena her best friend and I can see why. They are adorable together. I have a picture of the two of them but I won't post it without her Mother's permission. They are too cute together! And the bonus to it is that I've met her Mother and was over at their house planning the Valentine's Day party. I like her family. This could be the beginning of wonderful little friendship. Also while I was at the lunch, the lady that runs the cafeteria stopped by to compliment me on what a wonderful little girl Allison is and how much they enjoy her. That was so nice to hear! And while I was leaving the janitor came by to tell me that they love Allison. He said his office is on her way to her classroom and she always stops by his open door to say "Hello." He said she is such a pleasant little girl. This again was so nice to hear. I went home and immediately wrote out little thank you notes to Allison's three little friends who had lunch with me. They really made my day!

Here is a close up of Allison's picture on the board.

Wait! In case that isn't a good enough close up for you, here's another one! I'm not a proud Mom, am I?

My only sadness about next year's Shining Star lunch is that prior to going to this one, I told Curtis he could go next year. I should have waited to tell him that until after I went!

Have Fun!

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Anonymous said...

Cindi what a wonderful post, you brought a tear or two. Tell Allison Iam so proud of her and keep up the great work. Hope Simba and Princess are doing good!!!!!




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