Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009!

I'm just stopping by to post some of our Christmas pictures with our family and friends. I hope you enjoy them!

This picture says to me that she's growing up too fast! Please, how do we make time slow down???
Me and my baby girl!
We (the three of us) have our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve. We do too much traveling to both of our families on Christmas Day that we only have time for Santa's gifts on Christmas Day.
Our Princess kitty watching from back under the tree.
I love the expression on her face here. She really did not think she was getting the one thing that was on the top of her list.
Pure bliss!
Allison is a texture girl. She has slept with a velour baby doll since she was born. She can't sleep unless she's got the baby snuggled against her cheek. When she opened this fluffy fur-like sweater, she immediately rubbed it against her cheek.
And here comes Simba out from the back of the other side of the tree!
Woo Hoo! Santa has been here! Don't you just love the messy bed hair?
She definitely loves her books...even the World Atlas that Santa brought!
Santa did good!
Have Fun!

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~SandyDinNC said...

Kayla got the DSI from my inlaws. Santa wrapped Kayla's gifts this year, too! ;) And she got the same sewing machine last year!! LOL

Kim said...

I'm a little late but just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays (I figured I would use holidays since Xmas is over). Allison is getting so grown up. She's beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.


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