Saturday, April 03, 2010

286 with Google Reader!

Yes, 286!

That's 286 blog updates that were in my Google Reader when I opened it up this morning!

If you don't know what Google Reader is, it's a website where all of the new posts from the blogs I follow are collected so I don't have to click on each blog separately. It's really been a time saver for me since I follow so many blogs. I can just zip right through them. I can also "star" items that I like for future reference. Another feature I just discovered is that I can search for an item from just the blogs that I have in my reader. . . which is really nice because it cuts out all of that extra stuff that you get when you google something.

Anyway. If you are thinking that I read 286 blogs and there are 286 posts, your sadly mistaken. I will say that I probably follow over 125 blogs which may sound like it takes up a lot of time but it doesn't with Google Reader. Did you notice that I say "follow" the blogs and not read them? If it's a post that doesn't interest me like let's say a salmon recipe, I move on to the next blog post. It's just as you would do reading a magazine or the newspaper. I also like that I can read a few and then come back at a later time and it keeps my place so to speak. I mean, I can find exactly where I left off and not click on a blog to see if it's been updated only to find out that I've read everything on there.

I guess you could say that Google Reader is sort of like a magazine or all my favorite magazines rolled into one. It has decorating ideas, recipes, gardening, crafts, family & child ideas, entertaining, tips, money saving ideas and all of my other interests all in one place . . . and all by my favorite writers that I've come to trust over the years!

Here is sort of what it looks like. I found this image on google images. It shows you on the left the items that you follow and then on the right is where each post is shown. You can click on the post to go to the site if you want to leave a comment. If there is a way to leave a comment while in Google Reader, I haven't figured that out. If any of you know out there in blogland, please let me know!

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Sandy said...

I haven't used google reader and maybe I should because I follow a lot of blogs too. Thanks for this information. Have a blessed and happy Easter!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Lee-Ellen Van Voorhis said...

I also love Google Reader for my blogs! I use it the same way you do - it's like my personal reading list. I can always check for new things to read - I never thought of it like a customized magazine, but you're right - that's a good description.
I have learned to access it from my smartphone - so while I'm waiting for my kids in the carline at school, I can read my favorite blogs and star the ones I want to go back to later.

Darlene said...

I haven't used that but it sounds like maybe I should. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.♥


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