Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Home is. . .An Easter Memory!

Hey Friends!

If you are here for Part 4 of the "Binders Can Organize Your Life" Series, I'm sorry but I've moved it to next Wednesday. I tried and tried to upload the pics yesterday and last night and nothing. :( I don't have time to mess with it today so please come back next week. I promise if I have to take my sd card to Walmart, have them printed and then scan them so that I can do the entry next week, then that is exactly what I will do!

So. Today over at Sandy's Reluctant Entertainer site, it's "Home is. . ." day and the theme is an Easter memory.

There are lots of memories from Sunday as it was a wonderful and beautiful day!

However, I think the most we laughed was when Curtis, my brother, Albert, and I played kick ball with the three kids. THANK GOODNESS there are no pictures of that!

Another belly laugh moment was when I gave my sister's dog, Ginger, her treat bag. I just set it down and opened the zippered bag inside so she could smell it. She went crazy trying to get to it because, of course, Aunt Cindi gets her the best treats! I get them for her every holiday at a local pet store. Some lady sells her homemade dog treats dipped in yogurt there and Ginger just loves them!

Ooohhh! What in there?

I've got to get it out of that bag!

Hmm, maybe it will just jump out.
Come on little treat of yumminess! Come to Ma Ma!

Well, that didn't work!
I guess I'm just going to have to go in and get it myself!

Aunt Cindi is the best!

I know. . . it's a silly Easter memory but Ginger is a part of the family and the kid's loved watching her dig for her treat.

Click below to see what other Easter memories were made this year.

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Tara G. said...

How fun! I hope she enjoyed that hard-earned treat!

Adelle said...

What precious and fun photos! I love it.

Thanks for stopping by this morning and leaving a comment!

Amy said...

Love the pics. He deserves treats, too!

Darlene said...

So cute!! I bet that treat was ENJOYED!!

JadeLD said...

That is such a cute memory. We used to get our cats something at Easter and Christmas too.

Have a lovely day,


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