Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Extreme Lights!

I went home to the county I'm from last Saturday for our Santa wreath class and to visit my parents. 

On my way home I passed a house that decorates for every holiday. The last time I was over there, they had just began their decorating. Fortunately this time, they were done! I was hoping that it would be dark on my way home so I could take some pics.

Be prepared . . . this post is picture heavy! I should also apologize that a few of the pics are blurry. I thought about omitting them but then I feel like I would be missing some of the story.

Before I take you on the tour, let me preface it by saying that it consists of two houses. This first one and the a small one to the left of it . . . or maybe it's not a house at all. It could be for storage.

This first picture is taken from the right of the property. As you can see there are soldiers bordering the entire display.
This display consists of a light up Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, Tigger and Tweety Bird.
This scene depicts Santa kneeling in front of baby Jesus with angels. Sorry for the blur but it's my favorite Christmas scene . . . the bringing together of Faith and Fantasy.
In this next scene, there is a fully decorated Christmas tree complete with an angel on top, a Christmas village and a Santa driven train.
Beautifully lit tree with angels and nativity animals.
A complete nativity.
Is it Christmas Town or Christmas Heaven?
The Vienna Boys' Choir complete with singing angels. The sign on the garage door is wishing us all Merry Christmas from the family.
I know this is blurry but there's Santa, his 8 reindeer and Rudolph leading the way.
A scene from Charlie Brown's Christmas.
 Yes, this is blurry but it's Santa's toy workshop!
 And we can't forget the Sweet Factory!
 How cute is this?!? It's a Santa School! You can't read what the sign says in front of the porch but it says "Santa Parking Only" and there is parking lines for the spaces!
 This is completely to the left of the display. Can you see Santa's reindeer to the left of the school in the back to the right of the tree?
 A straight on shot of the left side of the display.
 Looking down towards the main part of the display.

 A better view of Santa in the sky along with the arch of lights over the driveway. How about that Star of Bethlehem? They didn't miss anything!
 One last view of the house.
 This is at the end of the driveway by the telephone pole. A couple of years ago, they starting collecting for the Make-A-Wish foundation. They also have literature on Make-A-Wish to the right for you to take.

Pretty AMAZING, huh?!?!?

If I could interview them, I would have several question for them:
  1. Where do you store all this stuff?
  2. How long does it take you to put it all together?
  3. What does your electric bill run?
  4. Where's the Grinch?
 It is possible that I missed the Grinch. I'll have to check again the next time I pass by their display.

Have Fun!

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