Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Santa Welcome!

It's 24 days until Christmas!!!

I can not wait until it gets here!

Starting with today, I am going to try to share something Christmas with you every day until December 25th.

If anything else comes up during that time that I want to talk about or share with you, then it will be a double post day! Yippee!

Today I want to share with you the Santa wreath you see on my front door. My friend, Susan D., and I got together a couple of weeks ago and made them.

We were inspired by one we saw on Etsy but we changed it up a little bit when we made ours. We are so happy with how they turned out! They are so fun! A little messy with all the burlap dust but still so fun!

As a matter of fact, we are getting together with a bunch of our family and friends this afternoon to teach them how to make one for their door.

I can't wait for fun and fellowship with a bunch of awesome women!

Sadly, once it comes down off my door today to take with me for the demo, it's not going back on it. I get direct sunlight during the day on the front of my house and I'm afraid it will fade the burlap. I'll put it on my living room wall . . . high enough that a certain little kitten can't reach it!

Here is a close-up of the wreath. Although you can't tell from the picture, the letters are glittered.

After we made the wreath, I posted a picture of it on Facebook and ended up inspiring a friend of mine who lives in an adjoining state.

Here is her interpretation of the wreath. She looped her burlap . . . if looped is even word . . . I don't know.
Great job, Amy!

 This post is linked up to Dare to DIY: Deck the Halls at Newly Woodwards.

 Have Fun!

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Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

What a great idea for a wreath! So fun and festive!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so awesome! I have often thought it would be fun to do something similar with our red planters. Love the tie into Santa.

Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm also curious what you used for the belt?

Lisa said...

So darn cute!

K @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

What a wonderful project. I love how it turned out!

Rachel said...

This is awesome! I love how it came out . . . and love that you inspired a friend to try it, too! Such a cute wreath idea. Thanks for joining Dare to DIY!

Chelsea @ two twenty one said...

So creative! I love it!

DecorandtheDog said...

Santa would be proud. ;) Cute idea. Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY!


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