Friday, November 30, 2012

Too Cute to Pass Up!

Since being laid off, I've been very mindful of our expenses.

I've always been frugal but now I find myself really looking for deals and being very cautious of every penny I spend.

I try to stay out of the stores because it's just TEMPTATION, TEMPTATION, TEMPATION!

I haven't even been to Goodwill . . . and if you know me, THAT is an amazing accomplishment!

When I see something I like, I've been asking myself if it is a NEED or a WANT?

Unfortunately, most of the time, it's a want! So I put the item back on the shelf and move on.

HOWEVER . . . I was in the Dollar Tree the other day and came across this ADORABLE wine glass that says "Happy Birthday" on it.

Seriously! How CUTE is that?!?

I immediately knew that it was going home with me but in all fairness, I had to ask myself "the" question.
 Is it a NEED or a WANT?

What do you think?

My first reaction was that it is a "pretty" so I needed to put it back.

BUT . . . you saw the "but" coming, didn't you??

I knew you were smart!  . . . even though a picture of it on my counter was a dead give-a-way!

Let's get back to the BUT!

But, I changed my mind and decided it was a NEED! 

Why a NEED?

Because my family is wonderful and anything I can do to celebrate the day God gave them life, I am going to do!

Yes! I decided that the $1.06 (includes tax) was well worth making my family feel special on their special day!

A new tradition has been born in our family and I love traditions!

Have Fun!

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