Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knock, Knock! Take Me Home!

Last week as I was taking Allison to school, I saw this beauty leaning on a dumpster at an apartment complex nearby. She was gorgeous! I fell in love instantly! . . . or maybe it was lust!

Anyway. As I was driving by her, I heard this ever so faint little voice saying, "Take me home. You know you want to. Curtis won't mind."  I shook my head and continued to drive.

I dropped Allison off at school and went to pick up some groceries. I'm in the freezer section of the grocery store minding my own business and I hear: "You want me. Take me home. I can make you happy. You'll regret it if you don't." I slowly turned my head to look around for the softly spoken woman's voice. Hmm, strangely enough there was no one there. And the last time I checked neither Ben or Jerry had a softly spoken woman's voice! Could it have been that beauty I saw earlier in the morning? Nah, I wasn't any where near her!

So. I paid for my groceries, loaded them in the car and headed home. Funny thing though, the voice got stronger and louder and SASSIER! It was not a sweet voice any longer. It now said, "TAKE! ME! HOME!"

So I did.

And here she is . . . . . . isn't she just lovely????     

Yay, Curtis thought so too. Well, maybe not but he humored me!

She's needs a little work to make her really pretty. However, I'm afraid she's going to have to wait until spring. We do not have a garage and I don't want her outside in the elements while I give her a makeover.

She's going to hang out with us in the family room when I am done making her pretty. I can't wait! I'll be sure to share it with you when she's all dolled up!  But for now, here are some door makeovers for you to see. I found them all on Pinterest. I've attached the link to those that have them and noted that below the pictures.
Click on photo above for link.

 Click on photo above for link.
This link has amazing door ideas!
 Click on photo above for link.
 Click on photo above for link.
 There isn't a link for the above photo but I LOVE this one!

Time will tell what I do with my beauty! Stay tuned!

Have Fun!

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