Friday, November 16, 2012


It's been a few days since I have last posted. Not that anyone would have noticed since I feel like I'm speaking typing to a big, black hole out in blogland.

Anyway, if you are sitting out in that big, black hole wondering if I was slacking on my blog posts or not, the answer would be . . . NOPE! I actually have been too busy to blog! I have been getting things done and it feels so good!

In the last 5 days I have:
  1. Purchased 7 Christmas gifts. Woo hoo, I am almost done!
  2. Went shopping and had lunch with lifelong friend at Olive Garden. Yum! Yum!
  3. Cleaned out my office at my old job. Now I can officially move on to where I'm supposed to be!
  4. Bought Curtis 2 new shirts and 3 new sweaters for work . . . for $20! Gotta love Goodwill!
  5. Had a Mommy & Allison lunch on Veteran's Day. I love our hanging out with her!
  6. Taken Allison to Baldingers.
  7. Attended Parent Visitation at Allison's school. Loved it!
  8. Purchased books at the Book Fair at Allison's school. Probably cheaper on Amazon but it is for the kids!
  9. Fixed Allison's Kindle Fire and she was doubtful that I could do it! Ha ha!
  10. Played with an adorable orange kitten . . . and no, it's not coming home with us!
  11. Met a man from craigslist . . . to sell him my old coffee table.
  12. Done 8 loads of laundry and Mt. Washmore is still down in the basement!
  13. Been taken out to dinner by a handsome man and his adorable daughter. ;)
  14. Made my Thanksgiving grocery list out . . . even though I can shop until the Tuesday before.
  15. Filled out Allison permission slip for her Academic Games competition on Monday. I can't wait to finally go to one!
  16. Spent too much money at Staples! What is new?
  17. Stuffed my Christmas cards into their envelopes. Now to address and stamp them!
  18. Planned the next few blog posts but now I need to write them.
  19. Cleaned out my purse and it's so much lighter without all the change I throw in the bottom!
  20. Talked to a very lovely lady at career service place that was extremely helpful by suggesting places to look for employment. I'm hoping to meet her in person next week.
So. As you can see I'm the ONLY one that hasn't been slacking around here during the day!

Simba likes to sleep on the top of the cat tree during the day.
 Princess likes to sleep on the top of the living room chair or on my bed.
And Porsche a.k.a. "The Baby" likes to sleep on top of the couch

 Geez, with all this slacking going on, it's amazing I'm not crashed out during the day too!

Have Fun!

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