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They Don't Make Bakeries Like This Anymore!

Now that I am back to blogging (at least for now), I'm going about my day differently. Well if not differently, at least I'm thinking more about the daily events of my day.

I find myself thinking about blog posts.

I find myself looking for inspiration for blog posts.

I find myself . . . well . . . BORING!

Seriously, my life isn't that exciting!

For example, my inspiration for today was my morning coffee cup. Yay!  See what I mean!  BOOORRRRRRING!

Oh well! As the title of my blog states, "This is My Life..."  Hmm, maybe I should change it to "This is My BORING Life!"  Anyway, I'm happy with MY life . . . well most of it. If I could, I would change a few things but they are not the really important things so I guess I'm doing pretty good.

 Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post:

When I said in my title that "They don't make bakeries like this anymore!", I meant it. 

Kretchmar's Bakery in Beaver, Pennsylvania has been around since 1960. It is on its third generation of owners in the same family. Kretchmar's is a traditional hometown bakery.

Kretchmar's is located in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Beaver County is where I grew up. Even though I wish I still lived in that county (for many reasons), I am glad that I live in the neighboring county of Butler. 

You see, if I still lived there, I would be a 1000 pounds and broke!

Kretchmar's is one of my weaknesses . . . or maybe it's an addiction! 
I'm not sure which but it's definitely my drug of choice!
And with so many of the hometown bakeries dying off, I make it my personal mission to help Kretchmar's stay in business every time I go home for a visit. 
Yup! That's it! They need me! Seriously, they do!
Okay, okay! They really don't but at least in my mind they do!
Please let me have that at least!

I hope you enjoy the little tour I've put together for you of Kretchmar's Bakery!

Kretchmar's Bakery is located on Third Street in Beaver which is actually the main street through town.

Whether you are coming from the left or . . .
 . . . the right, you can't miss the hometown feel of this bakery.
 As you step through the front door, you are greeted by 3 huge display cases of the most delectable confections you could ever imagine. Fresh baked breads and doughnuts are located in the display wall behind the middle display case.
 A closer look to the left and there are many traditional cookies along with iced sugar cookies of the current season.
The display case to the right holds the most amazing selection of tortes to tempt you. They even make them in mini versions that serves two. They are just perfect for a sweet treat after a home cooked meal with your hunny or you could just leave the mini torte in the fridge and take a bite of it every time you open the door. Not that I would have ever done that!

 There are so many choices in the cases that even a President has trouble making a decision.
Yes, as President Obama was traveling through Beaver in July of this year, he stopped at Kretchmar's and picked up an Apple Pie and some cookies. (Please do not leave any political comments or nastiness on this blog. Currently, he is the sitting President and deserves respect for being the leader of this country.)
And now for some of the goodies!

They have everything....

Chocolate chip cookes

Butterball cookies

Butter with sprinkles cookies

Cinnamon swirl donuts
Claws filled with apricot, raspberry or nut fillings.

All types of danish filled with almond, apple, apricot, blueberry, cheese, cherry, cinnamon, lemon, pineapple, or raspberry fillings. These are one of my favorites! They are so moist and yummy!
 Maple-nut danish

Orange danish cup

Cream puffs

Peanut butter bars

 Lady locks

 Chocolate mousse torte. I am not a big chocolate cake fan but OH MY WORD! This is so light and amazing!

Raspberry almond torte . . . TO DIE FOR!

Peanut Butter Torte

Pumpkin cheesecake torte which is a seasonal item.
The Toasted Almond Torte has won many awards and not in just Beaver County. It's well known by Pittsburghers as well!

They even have a Peppermint torte for the Christmas holiday.
If you are going to a Steeler party, you can always order a Black & Gold tray to take with you.

These are my absolute favorite item that I pick up every time I stop there. Their petit fours are the best that I have ever had. They are little squares of white cake with vanilla icing. They have ones with chocolate icing too but I am a white cake with white icing girl. I've never tried the chocolate. This little deliciousness of goodness satisfies my craving for their cakes which is absolutely better than taking the whole cake home with me!

Mom used to always get us a Kretchmar cake for birthdays and special occasions. Unless I'm baking or making Allison's cake myself, I try to get one of their cakes for her as well.

Kretchmar's also has a Prize Wheel and they bring it out every Third Thursday of the month. If you spend $20 or more, you get to spin the wheel. That's how I got my mug!

If you are ever in Beaver or heck, if you are ever within 100 miles of Beaver, PA be sure to stop by Kretchmar's and treat yourself to a little sweet treat.

Your family will thank you and attack you when they see the brown and white striped box!

You never know who you might see . . . the President of the United States or
little old me!

Have Fun!
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