Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Yes. I've lost it! 

I am doing a blog post about Toilet Paper and I don't care if it's TMI (too much information)!
No, I'm not interested if you roll your toilet paper over or under. I don't judge you. I love you for you!

 The reason why I am chatting about toilet paper today is something that I've recently discovered that makes me VERY HAPPY!

Are you ready?

This is as amazing as sliced bread! Promise!

Did you know that you could buy a case of toilet paper online and have it delivered to your door for free shipping?

I know!

What?  You knew that? 
Well joy, joy, happy, happy for you!

Seriously, for those of you that didn't know, now you do!

You can go to Amazon.com and they have toilet paper and other household items that you can order online. Also, if you spend more than $25, they will ship it for FREE!
(Just be sure it qualifies for the free shipping.)
And if you have Amazon Prime, it's shipped free even if it's under $25.
(I do and I ordered a case last Monday and it was on my porch on Tuesday of the same week!)

Why does this make me happy? Well let me just tell you!
  1. Toilet paper is something I hate running out of . . . for obvious reasons!
  2. I like buying it in bulk and usually buy it from Sam's Club. (What FAMILY really buys a 4 roll pack? It would never come off their shopping list!)
  3. I hate having to put the big bulk package in my shopping cart and then into my car. Shhh! I heard that! I know I'm weird so you don't have to say it out loud!
  4. When I buy it from Amazon, I get even more than I get at Sam's. I get a whole CASE! Did you hear read that? A.WHOLE. CASE!
  5. And lastly, I don't have to do anything but bring it in the house and put it away! Happy, happy, joy, joy for me!
Oh, one last thing . . . Amazon puts it on sale too! 
I only order it when it's on sale and it does costs a couple more dollars by buying it online. The couple extra dollars is SO worth me not having to go to Sam's and getting it myself!  

If anyone is interested, click here to see all of the toilet paper that Amazon offers.

And if you care whether people are over or under toilet paper rollers, here's a little info on the subject.

I'm in the 70% but you probably already figured that out if you read my blog on a regular basis!

Have Fun!

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